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  • Jun23

    Natural gas development (UGD) and its implications for health

    Natural Gas, composed mainly of methane with some other hydrocarbons, is categorised as conventional or unconventional depending on its source. - Conventional gas exists in large offshore reservoirs and onshore reservoirs and is often found when drilling for oil.  -…

  • Jun22

    Unconventional gas and health - Fact Sheet

    Unconventional gas is ‘natural gas’ that is trapped in rock from which it is difficult to extract, requiring specialised mining procedures and often access to large areas of land.  There are serious threats to human health from unconventional gas at many…

  • Jun21

    Unconventional Gas Development - DEA Position Statement

    Unconventional gas development (UGD) is the extraction of natural gas which is difficult to access conventionally, from coal seams, shale or other rock formations, using techniques such as directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Hydraulic fracturing…

  • Apr17

    Report urging the health sector to divest

    Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, health organisations and health super funds urged to quit coal, oil and gas. On 17 April 2016 Doctors for the Environment Australia and Climate and Health Alliance launched a new landmark report, urging Australia's 600,000…

  • Apr12

    Unconventional Gas Mining. DEA evidence to the Select Committee

    Unconventional Gas Mining - Adequacy of Australia's legislative, regulatory and policy framework. 12 April 2016 DEA representatives Dr Marion Carey, Coordinator of DEA's Unconventional Gas Special Interest Group and Emeritus Professor John Willoughby provided evidence…

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