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  • Mar20

    iDEA15: it’s a wrap!

    Credit: Lucy Alcorn   From 13 to 15 March 2015, we took over the University of Western Sydney for iDEA15- Prescription for Action. After three amazing days, we came away with fresh insights, new collaborations, inspiration and bold ideas about how we as medical professionals can help lead the fight…

  • Mar27

    The Guardian puts climate change front and centre

    By DEA Honorary Secretary Dr David Shearman   The two momentous decisions of the week came from the Guardian newspaper. The UK Guardian launched a campaign of science and conscience to reverse humanity’s self-destructive pursuit of burning all of the world’s fossil fuels:  and…

  • Mar27

    Why NSW voters need to put coal last on March 28

    By Dr Tim Senior   I saw a patient with a cough this week. That’s not too unusual, as a GP. In this case my patient told me “I think it’s my asthma come back.” She’d had asthma as a child, and for some reason it was back now in her mid-20s. The trigger wasn’t…

  • Mar18

    Opinion: Health sacrificed for mining

    Credit: Newcastle Herald     The approval of the Warkworth open-cut coal mine extension by the Planning Assessment Commission moves the mine boundary from the existing five kilometres to 2.6 kilometres from the town of Bulga, a stable township with a 200-year history. We condemn this decision…

  • Mar12

    Meet the new climate change warrior: your doctor

    Amanda Zhou on a high about iDEA15   Media release 12 March 2015   President of the Australian Medical Association Dr Brian Owler said climate change would have “significant consequences” for our health and that there was a clear role for doctors to become involved in tackling the…

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  • Feb09

    Divestment FAQs

    The Divestment FAQs was developed by Doctors for the Environment Australia ahead of the first ever Global Divestment Day on 13 to 14 March 2015. DEA believes the movement to divest from the fossil fuel industry, which is jeopardising our planet's…

  • Jul22

    Global climate changes need action

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was published in Medical Observer 15th July 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. At its annual meeting last month, the British Medical Association (BMA) committed to divest from fossil fuels. IN their discussion, members…

  • May20

    Divestment and public health flyer

    The following flyer was developed by DEA, AMSA and connecting divestment and public health Could your superannuation fund, bank or university be contributing to the biggest public health problem of our time?...

  • Mar28

    An Opinion Piece on Divestment

    Our global scientists have been indicating for many years, that humanity has overstepped the boundaries of our ecological systems. Pollution, overexploitation of resources and destruction of our natural environments have pushed our life sustaining (eco) systems over the…

  • Mar06

    Making our health system more sustainable

    Making our health system more sustainable: An ideas paper for the Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability, Victoria written by DEA member Lisa Rasmussen for the Victorian Environmental Commissioner, Professor Kate Auty. DEA thanks Professor Auty for agreeing to it being…

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