News & Media Event Welcome to iDEA22: Time To Act! 

Welcome to iDEA22: Time To Act! 

iDEA 2022: Time to Act Conference

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome our speakers, delegates from across Australia, our sponsors, and media to iDEA22: Time To Act, which is being held in Melbourne and online from 2 to 4 September 2022.  

iDEA22: Time To Act, has at its heart, a call to action and hope for a healthy planet and healthy people. 

This conference could not have been held at a more crucial time. In Australia and globally we are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change fuelled weather, with loss of lives, loss of homes, loss of livelihoods and damage to health and other important infrastructure. Unless we act now, we can expect worsening conditions and more human suffering in the future. 

IDEA22: Time To Act has a line-up of outstanding expert speakers who will share the latest science, as well as their vast experience, knowledge and wisdom about climate change and its effects on our health via workshops, presentations, and panels.  

These presentations will undoubtedly encourage stimulating, informative and meaningful discussions that will inspire action on how to address climate change- the biggest challenge humanity has ever had to face. 

Additionally, the conference offers fantastic opportunities to meet new people, network and socialise at our opening night reception on Friday evening and cocktail event on Saturday evening. 

Conference highlights: 

  •  Why climate change is a health issue, with Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton 
  • First nations working together to protect our land, with Uncle Dave Wandin, Tishiko King, Dr Debra Dank, Dean Duncan, as well as a First Nations Environment and Sustainability workshop 
  • Spending your money ethically and effectively, with Simon Holmes á Court 
  • Greening healthcare, with Drs Hayden Burch, Emma-Leigh Sinnott, Forbes McGain, and Eugenie Kayak 
  • Green Finance is key to achieving climate action at the scale needed, with Tim Buckley 
  • The future is now: green technology, with Dr Saul Griffith 
  • Responsible investment for a healthy future panel session, with investment specialist Désirée Lucchese; ACCR’s Australian climate lead Harriet Kater; UniSuper Management’s Lou Capparelli; Market Force’s William van de Pol; and Susheela Peres da Costa, founder of the Stewardship Centre, Chair of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and a director of US-based think tank, The Shareholder Commons. 
  • How to talk about climate change, with social trends leader and researcher, with Dr Rebecca Huntley 
  • Changing political landscape, with Professor Judith Brett 
  • Politicians’ plenary, with Labor MP Michelle Ananda-Rajah, Darebin Mayor Cr Dr Susan Rennie, Australian Greens Senator Janet Rice
  • Food, health and sustainability 
  • How we can transform our personal lives to be more healthy, sustainable, and just 
  • Living in harmony, with Bush Heritage’s Heather Campbell 
  • We come in peace: fighting for a healthier plant, with David Ritter from Greenpeace Australia Pacific  
  • Working with the media workshop, with the Climate Media Centre 

We wish to thank our organising team for their extraordinary work, our staff, and everyone involved in running this major conference.

We also want to thank our generous sponsors, VicHealth, The University of Melbourne’s School of Population and Global Health,  The University of Melbourne’s Department of Critical Care, Tahbilk Winery and the Good Car Company.

We couldn’t have done it without your support! 

You can find more details about the conference here: 

About DEA 

We are an advocacy group of medical doctors. We use scientific evidence to alert and educate members of the public, communities, governments, and colleagues on the relationship between our health and the health of our environment, including the quality of our air and water, the diversity of our ecosystems and the stability of our climate.