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The Green Clinic Initiative by ACF and DEA

The Green Clinic Initiative by ACF and

The GreenClinic initiative by the ACF and DEA has now been in existence for some time, yet I meet many doctors who have not heard of it. We also know that some of our members look at our web site but not those of the environmental groups. So this communication is to summarise the recommendations and enourage you to look at the ACF GreenClinic web site which says

 “GreenClinic assists doctors and practice managers to identify simple changes to make in clinics that will save energy and water,reduce waste, and help patients and communities to live more sustainable and healthy lives”

Furthermore if we extrapolate from the results in other sectors of the economy there is the opportunity for considerable financial savings in your practice. This financial incentive is particularly important, because the task of reducing one’s greenhouse emissions can seem particularly futile in the face of governments that coat policy with a veneer of action to hide their acceptance of new huge developments with overwhelming emissions. As one politician said to me “but we need these developments to pay for our schools and jobs” It is disheartening to hear this unqualified statement in the richest country in the world and one with the greatest per capita greenhouse emissions

In summary, GreenClinics provides guidance and asks you to

1, Replace existing lights with compact fluorescent and energy efficient IRC halogen lights.

2. Change your energy supplier to an accredited green power producer.

3. Turn off computers when not in use, all standby power on appliances at night, and heating and cooling at night

4. Review the energy efficiency of your fridge and its settings

5. Aim for a paper free office.

6. Use good organization to reduce car journeys by couriers and staff

7. Introduce measures to reduce unwanted mail, advertisements and materials

8. Recycle paper and plastics

9. Use recycled paper, for office, toilet and kitchen

10, Reduce water consumption

Don’t necessarily implement this personally, for you may get distracted after replacing the light globe! Pass the responsibility to a secretary to institute the measures and to report progress to you. Remember this is also an opportunity to talk to your colleagues and convert them to sustainability

Now please go to the ACF site and read the full report”

This article will be placed on the blog so that you can give advice based on your own experience.