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Rose Phan


Rose is an international medical student at the University of New South Wales. She has been part of the NSC for the last 3 years and excited to be part of the board.

At the age of 10, Rose’s life was completely changed when she was first introduced to the concept of climate change at school. Since then, she has continued to further explore the history and politics of climate change, and encouraging people to examine their relationship with nature. 

Rose loves getting lost in nature and appreciating its beauty.

Jumpei Takeuchi

Chair Elect

Jumpei is a 4th year medical student at the University of New South Wales, currently undertaking a research degree on Sexual Health and Addiction Medicine. 

He is passionate about advocating the philosophy of planetary health and  he has been involved in planetary health advocacy in AMSA, IFMSA and many other organisations since his first year of medical school. 

Jumpei enjoys exploring plant-based recipes in the kitchen, and spending time outdoors with cycling, running, swimming and canyoning.

Victor Ly

Administration Officer

Victor is a final year medical student from the University of Newcastle, currently at the John Hunter Hospital. He is keen to spread awareness about the connection between human health and planetary health, both with medical colleagues as well as the general public.

Victor has been heavily involved with his university’s DEA student working group since his first year of university, and has now decided to join the national student committee in his final year of university. He is also a part of the DEA’s Special Interest Group for Biodiversity.

When Victor is not busy cramming for university, he enjoys spending time with friends, both in-person and virtually. He also enjoys swimming, basketball and volleyball.

Kara Nimon

University Coordinator

Kara is a medical student at the University of Adelaide! 

Fortunate to have been born in Australia and raised for a short period in Scotland, Kara developed a strong appreciation for both countries with their vastly different landscapes. From this appreciation stemmed the recognition in preserving the environment for future generations. 

Consequently, Kara became a zealous advocate for intersectional climate change, and empowering individuals. 

Outside medicine, Kara is usually planning road trips, learning to surf, or exploring wineries!

Mia Malagar

Public Relations Officer

Mia is a final year medical student at the University of Adelaide. Growing up in the beautiful South Australia has made her appreciate the stunning beaches and hikes. She has been involved with DEA at a state-level as the UoA University Representative 2021. The DEA SA Arts + Crafts Special Interest Group created climate change stripe surgical caps and face masks. 

She’s passionate about encouraging everyone to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives. 

When she’s not on placement or studying, she loves road trips to new beaches, and exploring nature on hikes.

Seamus Heanue

Project Officer

Seamus is medical student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science at the Baker Institute in Melbourne. Initially a member of the Monash DEA subcommittee, he has been involved in environmental advocacy for 2 years. 

Seamus is passionate about sustainable living, as well as advocating for the environment through our votes and our wallets. When not studying, he enjoys playing guitar and watching sitcoms.

Rachel Niesen

Project Officer

Rachel is a fifth (final) year medical student at Monash University in Victoria. As a future health professional, she is passionate about planetary health and sustainability, with particular interest in the education of healthcare workers to advocate on the relationship between health and the environment. She has been involved in planetary health advocacy through the Australian Medical Students’ Association in the past and hopes to continue that work with the DEA NSC. She envisages her future career involving global and public health in some capacity, ideally at the intersection of health and sustainability. In her free time, she is an avid hiker and enjoy the beach.

Shreya Mago

Projects Office

Shreya is a third year medical student at Monash University. 

She loves exploring new areas by bike, spending time outdoors and experimenting with various vegetables in the kitchen. 

Like many others, she’s anxious about the effects of climate change on our natural environment and health, and is very keen to contribute to action as project officer on the committee this year!