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National Student Committee

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Georgia Brown


Georgia is a final year medical student at the University of Newcastle and is passionate about intersectional climate action and medical student empowerment.

Georgia has been involved in student organising at university, national and international levels through involvement with AMSA Code Green, the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network and the Planetary Health Alliance.

A huge nature fanatic, Georgia loves diving, hiking and tending to an extensive indoor plant collection.

Rose Phan

Chair Elect

Rose is an international medical student at the University of New South Wales with a passion to preserve nature for future generations and sustain life. 

At the age of 10, Rose’s life was completely changed when she was first introduced to the concept of climate change at school. Since then, she has continued to further explore the history and politics of climate change, and encouraging people to examine their relationship with nature. 

Rose loves getting lost in nature and appreciating its beauty.

Brooke Callahan

Project Officer

Brooke is a third year medical student at Monash University, entering her first clinical year at the Alfred Hospital. Within her tertiary studies she has been involved with Mannix College, MUMUS and AMSA leadership teams. 

Brooke comes from North East Victoria, proud of the beautiful environment she was raised in, with a passion to enhance it’s longevity. When not studying, Brooke enjoys being outdoors running, riding or swimming and exploring new trails with friends.

Chris Chi

Administrative Officer

Chris is a final year medical student at Curtin University. He is passionate about finding ways to reduce consumption, especially in the medical sphere.

Outside of medicine, he enjoys playing the viola (by himself or with anyone willing to play with him!) and futsal.

Connor Fisher

Project Officer

Connor is a fourth year medical student at Monash University. He enjoys spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends, as well as a bit of study.

He is passionate about inspiring individuals to make lifestyle changes, and communicating with like minded people. 

He is enthusiastic about his new composting bin and the potential in 2021 to make positive changes that look after our planet.

Tanzi Smith

Project Officer

Tanzi is a third year medical student at Griffith University’s beautiful Sunshine Coast campus. Her fascination with the environment was instilled in her as a child, thanks to being surrounded by nature on a beef cattle property and watching many David Attenborough documentaries.     

Before studying medicine, Tanzi worked in threatened species recovery, catchment management, sustainability research and community engagement on these issues. Her involvement in DEA is motivated by the powerful link between planetary and human health and the opportunity DEA has to influence future action in this space. 

In her spare time, Tanzi loves beach walks with her two schnoodles, diving, swimming and playing basketball.

Francesca Orchard-Hall

Student Engagement Coordinator

Francesca is a third year medical student at the University of Newcastle who’s proud of the beautiful clean, green New Zealand country she comes from. 

Her passions for the environment lie with connecting like-minded people together and making daily changes to live more sustainably. 

When she’s not in the books or the hospital, you can find her surfing, swimming, hiking or jamming on the piano.

Charlotte Young

Public Relations Officer

Charlotte is a fourth year medical student at the University of Tasmania. Having grown up bushwalking in Tasmania’s gorgeous wilderness, she has developed a deep appreciation for the environment, and a passion to preserve it. 

Charlotte has previously been involved in her local University advocacy society, and with DEA Tasmania, but this is her first time on a national committee. She is very excited to work with such a passionate and talented group of people!

In her spare time, Charlotte loves hiking, cooking, and playing the violin.