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Health Professional Education Resources

DEA Curriculum Mapping Resource & Slide Deck

Easy-to-use tools for medical educators to locate clinically relevant teaching points in each major body system

Planetary health-organ system map – a curriculum resource for medical educators

GreenCollege Guidelines: Reducing the environmental impact of your medical colleges, specialty, society, council and association

Practical and affordable ideas to make eco-friendly organisational improvements.

Greening Your Health Organisation

The carbon footprint of Australia’s healthcare sector is estimated at over 7% of Australia’s total emissions. While every sector needs to play its part to limit global warming and environmental degradation, the healthcare sector has an added responsibility (and opportunity) to lead mitigation of emissions and environmental impacts.

Making healthcare sustainable

DEA After Hours Webinars

The After Hours is a webinar series all about climate change and human health. Each month, we’ll bring you a new session that will focus on one specific aspect of the relationship between climate change and human health—and what health professionals can be doing about it.

DEA Podcasts

Hosts Dr. Karin English and Dr. Kaiya Ferguson discuss latest DEA news & topical environment and health issues

Upcoming: Grand Rounds Package

Please reach out ( if you are interested in helping us pilot this resource.

Upcoming: Actions for Sustainability in Your Hospital Toolkit

Please reach out ( if you are interested in helping us pilot this resource.


Click here for specific DEA resources relating to Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Diet & Agriculture, Divestment, Health & Energy, Sustainable Healthcare, First Nations Solidarity, and Mental Health


As a partner of the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, please click here for links to educational content, resources, and information on a wide variety of climate and health topics for members and health professions schools/programs to enhance their development of locally tailored climate-health educational opportunities.

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