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Please Buy Environmentally and Health Friendly Copy Paper for your Practice!

Rarely can one have a simple, easy choice that has a simultaneous impact of reducing the use of electricity and water, enhancing biodiversity and reducing atmospheric pollution. The choice is to purchase the appropriate copy paper for your practice. yet nearly all paper consumed in Austraia is made using chlorine that creates dioxins that are discharged into the environment and uses the timber of native forests.

This article is written because my supplier of Canon paper, OfficeWorks, has dropped it. This environmental battle is being lost as detailed by the ACF, “in the 2001-02 financial year, Australians used 1.23 million tonnes of writing and printing paper. This equates to over 30 million trees being cut down”. Most of these trees are culled from native forests,under Regional Forest Agreements supported by both major Parties

Please give your comments and solutions to this problem via the blog, where you will find details an Access Economics Report on the environmental costs of Australian made paper.

Recycled paper– the facts

The ACF writes “just look at what we can save by producing one tonne of
recycled paper instead of paper produced from virgin wood pulp.
Producing one tonne of recycled paper saves

31,780 litres of water;
4100 kilowatt/hours of electricity;
75 per cent of chlorinated bleach;
27 kilograms of air pollutants;
13 trees;
4 cubic metres of landfill; and
2.5 barrels of oil.”

Which papers are recommended?
—The good news is that you can buy some of them from the Wilderness shop
—The bad news is that they cost a little more but this shouldn’t deter you

• 100% recycled
(100% post consumer waste– this means used paper is de-inked and reused))
• TCF bleached (no chlorine used)
• 150 years archival quality
• Evolve Office is recommended for
high volume printing and copying.
• Evolve Business is suitable for use
in colour copiers
• Made in UK
• Price – $5.72 – $8.50 per ream

Canon 100 (Nautilus)
• 100% recycled
(approx 50% post consumer waste)
• TCF bleached
• 100 years archival quality
• Recommended for black and white
double or single sided photocopiers
and printers
• Made in Austria
• Price – $5.80 – $7.98 per ream

“Best of Triotec”
(ecopy/Officeworks Recycled)
• 50% recycled (43% post consumer
waste) and 50% virgin fibre (35%
• TCF bleached
• 100 years archival quality
• Recommended for use in inkjet
printers, laser printers,
photocopiers, colour copiers, plain
paper fax machines
• Made in Austria
• Price – around $6.78 per ream
(cheaper in bulk)

But there is are two unresolved problems in my mind– firstly the recommended papers are produced overseas so what is the greenhouse cost of bringing them to Australia? I doubt if it is as great as using the Australian papers. Perhaps one member will research the sums for us. Secondly, why can Australia not produce an environmentally acceptable paper– almost certainly because its cheaper to go on chopping down native forest than grow plantation timber. so this is a political decision.

Doctors for the Environment has a forest policy. Please read it.
And consider making this an educational matter by explaining to your secretary and staff why you are doing it


David Shearman