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Leichhardt: Take strong climate action this election

Far North Queensland’s doctors and medical students demand climate action now, for health’s sake

From Cairns to Curtin, Bondi to the Alice, Glenelg to Cottesloe; DEA members and Friends of DEA have been meeting with their members of Parliament and candidates. They are seeking an ambitious national plan to cut climate pollution this decade, the establishment of a national Sustainable Healthcare unit, a national climate change and health strategy, along with the protection and restoration of nature.

Thrive Medical in Cairns advocate for Climate Action Now because they understand that human health is ultimately dependent upon a health planet.

“The need for action on climate change is urgent and we all have a responsibility to raise awareness about this critical issue in our circles of influence. Health impacts of unmitigated global warming are broad and will affect everyone. Committed action has potential to improve community and social well being, well beyond the obvious climate impacts. This seems to be a simple choice” – Dr Jane Barry, General Practitioner, Thrive Medical.

“Climate care is heath care. Climate change affects our emotional, psychological and physical well-being. It is imperative that we care for country and for our Great Barrier Reef. Stop polluting our oceans – this is having a detrimental affect on the our ecosystems. My daughter went through the black Saturday bushfires in NSW, it was awful. I’m passionate about conservation and saving native animals, it is our job to do so.” Dr Latisha Petterson, Proud Guringji Wagadidam Gudgal Berry Wadaman Mudbura Woman and GP in Cairns.

“Climate care is everyone’s responsibility. It begins with little steps that can be incorporated in our everyday living. Environmental health effects everything and everyone!” ~ says Cairns GP Dr Rajpal Rajlakshmi, pictured along with Dr. Prasanth Sivasankar, Dr Gagan Rajpal and Dominique Otis (Registered nurse) from Harmony Family Medical Centre, Cairns.

“Our team at Pease St Wholelife Pharmacy and health foods understand that climate change is impacting the health of the community we service. We ask our leaders to take urgent action on climate change, in line with the science, to protect the health of our Far North Queensland community and to ensure a safe and prosperous future for the next generation.” – Vince Pappalardo, Pharmacist, Cairns.

“We need to start acting now to ensure a health future for our children and future generations” Dr Nisha Manoheran, GP, Cairns

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who stand by and watch them” ~ Albert Einstein.

“We will only have one chance to get this right, as we do not have another planet to go to! So, don’t stand by and watch the destruction of our planet without doing anything about climate change!” ~ Dr Vinodh Rajeswaran, GP, FNQH- Cairns Skin Cancer Centre.

Dr Sarah Douglas, Cairns GP: “The future is in our hands. The future health of our environment equates to human health. If we look after our planet, our planet will look after us.”

DEA members in north Queensland were at Rusty’s markets in Cairns most weekends

They got postcards signed to give to Warren Entsch MP for Leichhardt. DEA’s doctors in Queensland are calling for an ambitious national plan to cut climate pollution (emissions) this decade, a national sustainable healthcare unit, a climate change and health strategy and the protection of nature.

Climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels has clear health impacts. Communities throughout Australia expect drastic action on climate change this decade. The impact of climate change on health, the economy and everyday life are too great to ignore.

Dr Nicole Sleeman was on Murray Jones 4CA Radio twice in Cairns talking about the health impacts of climate change

Doctors in Far North Queensland deliver hundreds of signed postcards to sitting MP Warren Entsch

The postcards have five policy asks related to health and climate. Doctors and medical students throughout FNQ and the local community echo the demands of secretary Secretary-General António Guterres to world leaders to act right now on climate change. We demand our leaders to take urgent climate action now, for health’s sake.

Climate Culture & Health Forum in Leichhardt

DEA co-led this candidate forum along with many other community organisations in Far North Queensland.

Picture perfect, this place is my home!

Dear Hon Warren Entsch MP,

The electorate of Leichhardt and surrounds call on you to:

1. Adopt an ambitious national plan to cut climate pollution (emissions) this decade

To protect health, with strong, science-based targets that at minimum match our key allies and trading partners. This plan would include: 

  • banning new coal, gas and oil projects and ending public funding to fossil fuels;
  • accelerate transition to electric vehicles; and
  • delivery of 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

2. Establish a national Sustainable Healthcare Unit

To support environmentally sustainable practice in healthcare and reduce the sector’s own significant carbon emissions.

Targets for healthcare sector:

  • 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030,
  • net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

3. Develop a national climate change and health strategy:

  • to protect and maintain the health of all Australians by risk assessment, mitigation and adaptation planning for climate disruption and climate emergencies by all levels of government;
  • to make all levels of the healthcare sector – federal, state and community-based – more resilient through climate disaster, infrastructure and workforce planning.

4 Protect and restore nature through:

  • urgent reform of Australia’s environment protection laws – including implementing the recommendations of the 2020 review of EPBC Act (the Samuel Review);
  • ensuring Australia’s commitments under the Global Biodiversity Framework are met.

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