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Medical Student Petition Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change

Medical students around Australia are calling on the Australian Government to take urgent action to prevent the negative impacts of climate change on health.

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) and Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) have collected close to 1000 signatures from medical students, calling for “the greatest feasible reduction in greenhouse gas emissions” and to transition the Australian healthcare system to a sustainable low carbon service.

This petition, which was presented to the Federal Government during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHoGM) in Perth, seeks to draw attention to the devastating impacts that climate change is having on health and calls for the creation of federal units specifically tasked with steering the Australian health system to a low carbon future.

The President of the Australian Medical Students’ Association, Mr Robert Marshall, said “as the future of the Australian health profession, medical students are concerned that the effects of climate change on health have been under-recognised.

Medical students are well placed to recognise the health impacts of climate change, and are demanding action to protect the health and wellbeing of Australians and global citizens,” he said.

AMSA believes that meaningful collaboration between Health and Environment Ministers is required to ensure that health is a priority in any future climate change agreements and actions.

AMSA’s Climate Change and Health Policy calls for medical students and practitioners to take a lead role in the transition to a low carbon society to ensure a healthy future for all Australians.

This petition demonstrates that there is widespread support among Australian medical students for strong action by the Australian government to take meaningful and sustainable action towards mitigating climate change with the vision of protecting the health of our population.

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