Our Work Climate Change Media release: Doctors slam NSW Government’s proposed planning changes

Media release: Doctors slam NSW Government’s proposed planning changes

Doctors are demanding that the NSW Government abandons its bill to change the law so that the emissions from burning fossil fuels outside NSW no longer need to be taken into account when approving new coal and gas projects.

  • Doctors for the Environment Australia will present the dangers of the Territorial Limits Bill (Scope 3 carbon emissions) at a public hearing on Thursday 6th February in NSW Parliament House. 
  •  DEA spokesperson Dr John Van Der Kallen will also be available to answer questions at a press conference including health, environment, and community groups. The conference will be held at the edge of Hospital Road under the fig trees behind Parliament House at 8:30 am on Thursday 6th February. 

Medical group Doctors for the Environment Australia says the Territorial Limits Bill as irresponsible in the wake of catastrophic bushfires that have resulted in a loss of lives, homes, animals and millions of hectares of land. 

The Chair of NSW DEA, Dr John Van Der Kallen says, “Emissions don’t obey borders and fossil fuels which we export and burn in other parts of the world directly affects the population of NSW. “Australia is responsible for 1.4% of the total world carbon emissions, but a further 3.6% of total emissions are due to the burning of fossil fuels which originated in Australia. 

“These emissions cannot be ignored if we are going to mitigate against the worsening effects of climate change, which the AMA and other health organisations have described as a public health emergency. 

“For the NSW Government to even consider passing this law is a slap in the face to the residents of NSW who have suffered from the recent horrific bushfires. 

“The extreme weather events we’ve experienced have been made worse by climate change which is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. 

“In 2019 we saw decisions made which incorporated the impacts of burning fossil fuels outside NSW when considering coal and gas projects. The NSW Government is now trying to take a retrograde step to remove this from the decision-making process. 

“The Government must withdraw this damaging bill and put health at the core of its decision- making.

” Media contact DEA NSW Chair Dr John Van Der Kallen 

Contact Media and Communications Coordinator Carmela Ferraro on 0410703074 to arrange an interview.