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Make a #NaturePact

DEA is excited to partner with the People and Parks Foundation in this year’s #NaturePact campaign, which runs from 1-30 September.

So, why don’t you sign up for September’s #NaturePact as a way to bring greater connection to nature into your daily life?

The campaign seeks to spread the message of the health, wellbeing, social and environmental benefits of connecting with nature. Participants are invited to sign up for a #NaturePact where they commit to spending intentional time in nature each day. This might be in their backyard, balcony or nearby parkland. If they are fortunate enough not to be in lockdown, participants might venture further afield to a nearby national park.

With millions of Australians currently in lockdown due to the Covid-19pandemic, this timely campaign will support and encourage people to spend time in nature.There is now a strong evidence base that simply being in nature reduces feelings of stress, elevates mood and improves  focus- essentially soothing our nervous system.

As doctors, we need this refreshment ourselves, particularly those of us working in clinical roles. It is also a simple and inexpensive health intervention to suggest to our patients.

The #NaturePact campaign works through a ‘love not loss’ lens.

Crucially, this helps people develop a strong connection to nature and will help motivate them to call for the restoration of biodiversity and strong action on climate change.A key partner is the ABC’s ‘Back to Nature’ program, now screening on Tuesday nights. This visually beautiful series encourages people to slow down and connect to nature. Co-hosted by Aaron Pedersen, it has a strong focus on Australia’s First Nations People’s connection to Country, culture and stories. For those unable to get outside accessing the sights and sounds of nature in this way may be helpful.

The campaign starts next week, and we can’t wait!

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Image credit: Parks Victoria