Our Work Health & Energy Humble pushie beats the car

Humble pushie beats the car

Humble pushie beats the car

Cecile Barnard and Juerg Draeyer are great advocates of leaving the car at home and riding and want everyone to embrace todays 'National Ride2Work day'.

DEA member Juerg Draeyer appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin – 18/10/12

YEPPOON GP Juerg Draeyer has been practising what he preaches and riding his bicycle to work for the past five years.

Dr Draeyer said leaving the car at home and riding was a healthy, environmentally friendly, cheap and fun way to get around.

“I never have to search for a car park and I know that riding is good for my health,” Dr Draeyer said.”Today is National Ride2Work day and I would love to see a greater proportion of my own patients and the general public seriously consider leaving the car at home and cycling for both their general health and for the environment.

“In this day and age cycling should be more seriously considered as a viable means of transport.”
Diabetes Queensland is urging people to ride to work or school and start pedalling their way to a healthier lifestyle and reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

National Ride2Work day is an annual event urging people to start riding to work, and continue riding to work to better their health and wellbeing as well as easing traffic on the roads.

Diabetes Queensland chief executive Michelle Trute said while Australia might have a reputation for being a fit and outdoor-focused country, the population was far from healthy.

“Forty years ago 80% per cent of Australian children walked or rode their bikes to school, today that figure is less than 20% per cent,” she said.

“Instead of driving your children to school, try cycling together or encourage your child to get a group of friends together to ride to and from school with – safety in numbers.”

Get fit tips

Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way
Swap sitting for standing when on the phone
Take the stairs instead of the lift
Park the car further away and try cycling to work instead of driving