Featured Featured Happy 20-year anniversary DEA!

Happy 20-year anniversary DEA!

Happy 20-year anniversary DEA!

2001-2021 Celebrating two decades of protecting health through care of the environment.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

DEA came about after a group of doctors who were concerned about the effects of environmental harms on people’s health met at a kitchen table in an Adelaide home with a vision for a healthy planet, healthy people.

We’re incredibly proud to celebrate where we have come from, and how much we have achieved in this time – the result of the combined efforts of so many dedicated members.  

With the growth of major environmental challenges confronting people both locally and overseas – climate change, air pollution, land degradation, biodiversity loss – DEA’s voice has never been more relevant, or more urgent.

We draw attention to  the inextricable link between human health and a healthy natural environment. 

We speak out about the solutions to address climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental damage. 

We call for sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising our children’s futures. 

We urge for the best available scientific evidence to be used as the basis for environmental decisions, and for the precautionary principle to be applied where the evidence is unclear.

Much still needs to be done to make the world a healthy place for current and future generations. 

DEA, an organisation with thousands of members and a bold plan for the future, is well placed to continue our founders’ vision – a safe and healthy planet on which people everywhere can thrive.

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