Our Work Climate Change Germanwatch: Australia 58th on the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI)

Germanwatch: Australia 58th on the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI)

Australia slipped four places to 58th in this year’s CCPI, remaining behind many developed economies. Very low ratings were given for its performance in every category. DEA is not surprised that Australia’s rating on climate action has slipped and is now down to a discreditable 58th

The lack of domestic ambition and action has translated on to the international stage. International standing has been damaged by climate denialism by federal government, refusal to increase ambition, and refusal to recommit to international green finance mechanisms. It has fallen behind its allies, and has been publicly criticised by some in the run up to COP26.  

At the time of this CCPI assessment, (before COP26) Australia had; 

  1. abandoned its responsibilities of climate actions and targets to the individual states and communities, resulting in uncertainty in planning and investment by these entities, and jeopardising international co-operation 
  1. pronounced reliance on a “Technologies Investment Roadmap” which is heavily reliant on untried technologies at scale and does not provide incentive or pathways to enable sufficient emissions reduction within this critical decade 
  1. committed funds for new gas and coal mines 
  1. contemplated (and now committed to) “blue” hydrogen with carbon capture and storage 
  1. committed to a “gas-fired recovery” from the COVID19 pandemic with support for massive unconventional gas-mining. 

Further to this assessment, Australia’s performance at COP26 has reinforced its extremely poor rating by failing to commit to withdrawal of fossil-fuels or to reduce methane emissions within this decade. Although it has at last committed to emissions reduction to net-zero by 2050, it has failed to proceed to the next step of committing to drastic action this decade. 

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Dr Graeme McLeay and Dr John Iser contributed to this year’s CCPI.

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