Health & Energy Gas Future of Gas Strategy Consultation Paper

Future of Gas Strategy Consultation Paper

In the Future of Gas Strategy consultation paper, DEA finds that human health and wellbeing have been overlooked in favour of the economic interests of the fossil fuel industry along with short term political considerations. 
A warming climate is clearly and inextricably linked to the disruption of environmental conditions that provide the very fundamentals for our physical and mental health — clean air, clean water, reliable sources of healthy and nutritious food, adequate shelter, social stability and stable climatic conditions..
There is no role for new gas projects.

  • Gas does not provide a pathway for global decarbonisation and new projects are incompatible with keeping global heating to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels.
  • Australia already produces enough gas to supply domestic demand during the full transition to renewables.
  • Export trading partners should be assisted to rapidly transition to renewables and not kept dependent on any Australian fossil fuel, including gas.
  • Carbon capture and storage has no role as an offset for gas expansion — it cannot adequately compensate for ongoing or increasing fossil fuel use.
  • Gas in the home is unhealthy and dangerous and should be rapidly phased out — government assistance is required to ensure no-one is left behind.
  • Use of gas in the home also adds to emissions. Electric alternatives are cleaner and will save households money in the medium to long term.
  • Amendment to the Water Trigger legislation under the EPBC Act is  needed to protect vital aquifers for regional communities from overuse and pollution.

First Nations people should be fully engaged in decision-making about issues that affect their lives, health and Country using a recognised regulatory framework. A regulatory framework for industry engagement with First Nations people and community groups should include: 

  • the right to know
  • the right to participate
  • the right to challenge
  • cultural and self-determination rights of First Nations, including to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent.

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