News & Media Opinion Pieces Energy Policy for Australia by Mark Diesendorf

Energy Policy for Australia by Mark Diesendorf

We thank Mark Diesendorf for writing this article for us. Mark has become a well respected authority on Energy. He will advise us on policy and we are very grateful.

Mark is Deputy Director, Institute of Environmental Studies’ University of New South Wales.

I draw your attention to two of Mark’s books referred to in his article “Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy” reviews the energy technologies (including coal with carbon capture and storage and nuclear) that have been proposed for cutting GHG emissions. It then goes on to discuss the policies needed to implement the genuinely sustainable technologies, namely energy efficiency and renewable energy. Bookshop price is $49.95.

The second book, “Climate Action”, starts from the situation where most governments have failed to implement effective policies to cut GHG emissions and then proposes strategies and tactics for the climate action movement to overcome the political barriers to change. There is pertinent advice for those visiting politicians who are challenged with statements like-renewable energy cannot provide base load power. I strongly recommend this book. Bookshop price is $34.95

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