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Eco anxiety as the earth continues to heat

Dr Lucy Watt writes “I am an “eco-worrier”. I worry about the environmental nightmare that climate change has in store for us, our children and their children.”

While reading the series on Adaptive Anxiety, I discovered that my reactions are not uncommon, and that my small efforts are appropriate, and even therapeutic. Yet, I still feel immense frustration, fear, and some days, despair. My response has been to campaign to raise awareness of the links between climate change and our personal and global health and wellbeing.

Dr Lucy Watt shares her own experience  of eco anxiety during recent times, what action she has chosen to take and what she has found on her journey learning more about climate change and eco anxiety.  You can read Dr Watts’s full opinion piece here

Dr Lucy Watt is a NSW medical officer in emergency medicine and a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia.