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Dick Smith on population growth and the developers

Dick Smith, who assisted DEA with the press release of our population position paper, has written in the on-line press regarding the role of property developers in growth

“Again and again as I tour Australia discussing our failure to have a sensible plan for population, I ask simple questions: Why would we want to rapidly increase our population? What’s so great about constant growth? What are the advantages for average Australians? I fail to ever get a convincing answer. The best the “pro-growthers” come up with is “because we can”, and that of course, is no answer at all.

It’s often claimed by the pro-growth lobby that Australia can never run out of land, because we have very low population density compared to our land mass. This is a really useless concept for making decisions about Australia’s future. As has been well-established in report after report, Australia is best looked upon as two geographical nations: one a vast and arid interior with little value for settlement or agriculture; the other a narrow coastal strip with limited resources of soil, water and a fragile ecosystem. Necessarily it is this thin strip we must inhabit and it is far from being in endless supply”

His article is good practical sense covering all the issue, such as food security, ageing etc. We urge you to read the full article at:

We remind all members that as part of our work on limiting climate change DEA has a policy of limiting Australia’s population to the ecological carrying capacity of this continent. We are keen for you to take a copy of our policy to any member of federal or state parliament you visit.