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DEA in the news: Sep to  Nov 2021 

Impact of Climate Change: Scientists warn of its effect on public health 

CGTN, 24 Nov. Quotes Dr Cybele Dey 

Richard Yin: For health’s sake, we need to act urgently to reduce our emissions now 

West Australian, 16 Nov. Oped by Dr Richard Yin (Paywall) 

Delta slams community concerns about air quality 

Coast Community News, 11 Nov. Dr Ben Ewald photo caption 

Climate emergency is causing widespread anxiety in young people 

The Hill, 13 Nov. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

climate change and death certificates 

Sonya Feldhoff show on ABC Adelaide, 12 Nov. Interview with Dr Kimberly Humphrey 

Disturbing change that could happen on Australian death certificates 

Yahoo news, 11 Nov. Quotes Dr Richard Yin. 

Australia left behind in the race to tackle healthcare emissions 

Croakey, 10 Nov. Quotes Dr Eugenie Kayak 

‘Hardcore activist groups’ inform report which placed Australia last on climate policy 

Sky News, 10 Nov. Mentions DEA 

Health concerns over silica dust from proposed Mornington Peninsula quarry 

The Age, 25 Oct. DEA members involved in the open letter 

‘The Australian way’ appears to be creating a facade of action then doing nothing 

Canberra Times, 5 Nov. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

‘Yesterday I wore 15 disposable gowns’: Doctor decries pandemic’s waste 

6 minutes news, 4 Nov. Quotes Dr Forbes Mcgain (Paywall) 

Morrison Government continues to trash Australia’s reputation on climate 

Independent Australia, 4 Nov. Oped by Dr Graeme McLeay 

Morrison Government continues to trash Australia’s reputation on climate 

Independent Australia, 4 Nov. Oped by Dr Graeme McLeay 

How health and justice concerns are driving the rise of independent political candidates 

Croakey, 3 Nov. Quotes Dr Nicole Sleeman 

Party’s over for climate vandals: only informed independents can save us 

Pearls & Irritations, 1 Nov. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

Netzero and COP26 

3RRR FM Radiotherapy show,  31 Oct. Interview with Dr John Van Der Kallen (segment starts at 00:12:08) 

Cow hysteria is distracting from real climate issues 

Canberra Times and other mastheads across Australian Community Media, 27 Oct. Oped by Dr Graeme McLeay 

On planet, health and hope: what a roller coaster of a ride 

Croakey, 27 Oct. iDEA21 twitter narrative 

Mind if I smoke? Kicking the petrol habit is no idling matter 

The Driven, 27 Oct. Quotes Dr Richard Yin 

Climate intricately linked to your health… 

4CA AM, Breakfast with Murray Jones, 26 Oct. Interview with Dr Nicole Sleeman 

Lessons from senior medical leaders 

MJA Insight+, 25 Oct. Co-authored by Dr Katherine Barraclough 

Poor EV take-up to cost Australia’s health system $1tn by 2050, modelling shows 

The Guardian, 24 Oct. Quotes Dr Richard Yin 

To sustain humanity COP26 must lead on both climate and biodiversity 

The Hill, 22 Oct. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

UWA Set To Host ‘The Climate Solutions’ Event 

RTR FM, 21 Oct.  

More than 350 doctors joined climate action webinar 

AMA newsletter, 21 Oct. AMA/DEA joint webinar 

One minute to midnight: only fresh thinking can tackle climate and biodiversity crises 

Pearls & Irritations, 20 Nov. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

“COVID-19 is urgent, climate is important” 

MJA Insight+, 18 Oct. Oped by Dr Kate Charlesworth and Dr Omar Khorshid  

Hotter temperatures and extreme weather linked to mental distress, suicide 

SMH/The Age, 17 Oct.  Quotes Dr Cybele Dey 

Australia’s healthcare system is generating tonnes of COVID waste. Doctors and nurses are trying to do something about it 

ABC Online, 13 Oct. Quotes Dr Forbes McGain 

Western Sydney suburbs to swelter as average summer temperatures set to rise, 13 Oct. Quotes Dr Kim Loo 

Helping young people address anxiety caused by climate change 

The Examiner, 13 Oct. Oped by Dr Lisa Juckes 

How can healthcare professionals help address climate change? 

Medical Progress, 12 Oct. Interview with Dr Lai Heng Foong (and researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley) 

ABC SE with Simon Lauder 

6 Oct. Interview with Dr Stef Pidcock. Audio expired. 

Planet, health and hope – theme for upcoming conference 

AMA newsletter, Rounds, 30 Oct. IDEA21 promo 

Australia’s approval of gas projects lighting climate change fires 

Independent Australia, 30 Sep. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

Is Australia’s nuclear submarine deal a distraction from international climate action? 

The Hill, 28 Sep. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

U.S.-China talk could torpedo climate conference 

Independent Australia, 26 Sep. Oped by Dr Graeme McLeay 

WHO air quality guidelines 

ABC Newcastle, 24 Sep. Dr Ben Ewald interviewed. 

Net zero healthcare: a call for clinician action 

BMJ, 20 Sep. Co-authored by Dr Forbes McGain 

Climate change and child & adolescent mental health  

Barometer, Radio Adelaide, 17 Sep.   Interview with Dr Cybele Dey  

Eav Brennan makes rubbish portraits 

Climactic, 17 Sep. Dr Kim Loo 

Earth is running a fever: it’s time to act 

Medical Republic, 17 Sep. Oped by Dr John Van Der Kallen 

The Economics of Biodiversity and the World’s environmental crisis 

Mirage news, 17 Sep. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

Australia’s duty to the world: Stop mining coal 

The Hill, 13 Sep. Oped by Dr David Shearman 

Climate change will place additional burdens on women and children 

Weekend Neos Kosmos, 11 Sep. Oped by Drs Magda Simonis and Kimberly Humphrey 

EV cars face triple charge but government says it’s fair 

The Mercury, 7 Sep. Paywall 

Joint open letter with the AMA and most of the medical colleges (14  Sep) 

ABC online 
Doctors, farmers call for stronger climate commitments ahead of Glasgow talks 

ABC AM with Sabra Lane 

ABC national and metro breakfast news bulletins with Dr Omar Khorshid grab. Mentioned in news headlines on Radio National Breakfast show a number of times. 
AMA says climate change is a ‘health emergency’ 
ABC TV 24, Joe O’Brien interview with Dr Omar Khorshid 
Doctors and farmers turn up heat on Morrison ahead of Glasgow 
Michelle Grattan column in The Conversation and City News (Canberra publication). Mentions DEA and the AMA. 
Commercial radio AusStereo network in various locations around the country – Dr Omar Khorshid grab 
Doctors push for stronger climate action 
The Australian. Mentions DEA and Dr John Van Der Kallen 
Climate change is killing Aussies, 12 doctors groups warn the PM 
In various News Corp publications, including the Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph. 
Leads with Dr Eugenie Kayak and DEA, and also mentions Dr John Van Der Kallen. 

AMA and medical colleges write to PM to warn of climate health risk 
The Canberra Times. Mentions DEA and quotes Dr John Van Der Kallen, alongside the AMA. 
Agricultural sector could be net zero by 2040 if Australia boosts efforts, report suggests 
Guardian Australia. Mentions DEA alongside the AMA. 
Medical colleges urge Prime Minister to act on climate emergency 

‘We need the political will for a liveable world’: The urgent plea from doctors to Scott Morrison on health impacts of climate change 

Women’s Agenda.  Quotes Drs Kim Loo, Katherine Barraclough and Kimberly Humphrey 

AMA and medical colleges write to PM to warn of climate health risk 

Canberra Times 

AMA signs open letter to PM calling on tougher climate change action 

Korea Herald 

Global rallying call for child health professionals to act on climate, as pressure on Australian Government intensifies 


Agricultural sector could be net zero by 2040 if Australia boosts efforts, report suggests 

The Guardian 

2NURFM Hunter News 

Interview with Dr John Van Der Kallen