Featured Featured DEA congratulates AMA’s new leadership

DEA congratulates AMA’s new leadership

Left: DEA Chair Dr John Van Der Kallen, AMA President Prof Steve Robson, DEA NSW Chair Dr Kim Loo

DEA congratulates the new AMA President Professor Steve Robson and Vice President Dr Danielle McMullen on their roles.  We look forward to working with Professor Robson and Dr McMullen on addressing climate change—the biggest threat to health this century. 

DEA would also like to acknowledge the AMA’s ongoing commitment to action on climate change. Our organisations have an MOU on this critical issue. 

As part of this relationship, I’m excited to be co-chairing with Professor Robson the upcoming webinar, “Climate change and sustainability: leadership and action from Australian doctors” on Tuesday 9 August 6.30-9.30pm AEST.  

All interested health professionals are welcome to attend. Please register here. 

This webinar, following on from the one Dr Khorshid and I co-chaired in 2021, will bring together medical professionals and Australia’s medical colleges to showcase climate change and sustainability leadership and action in the health sector.  

DEA would like to thank Dr Omar Khorshid and Dr Chris Moy for their terrific work on mitigating climate change and improving the environmental footprint of healthcare, which contributes a hefty 7% of Australia’s carbon emissions. 

Once again, congratulations to Professor Robson and Dr McMullen- we look forward to working with you and the AMA. 

John Van Der Kallen 

DEA Chair