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DEA: All Electric Hospital Guide

DEA: All Electric Hospital Guide

DEA’s sustainable health care Special Interest Group (SIG) have released a new guide for medical practitioners. ‘Building the next zero hospital to be net zero carbon emissions (all-electric): A six step practical guide for medical professionals’.

This initiative helps to guide members to influence new hospital builds to ensure our work-places can become net zero (as a hospital built today is likely to continue operating well past 2040)

Net zero hospital builds are one of DEA’s sustainable health care priorities. Along with continuing to advocate for Australian healthcare sector carbon emission targets of 80% by 2030 and net zero by 2040. Targets endorsed by the AMA and in line with England’s NHS and several other national healthcare systems that committed to action in health care at COP26. Unfortunately, as Dr Eugenie Kayak wrote in MJA Insight+ Australia was once again missing in action and forgoing opportunities by not participating in the COP26 Health Programme.

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