Our Work Climate Change Canberra Times: Climate change is the next health crisis we face

Canberra Times: Climate change is the next health crisis we face

Covid-19 has its challenges, especially in Victoria at the moment. Dr Beau Frigault writes that generally, though, Australia relative to other parts  of the world has managed the pandemic well.  This  proves that when we are in a crisis, we rise to the occasion and do what is right to protect all of us. We need to have a similar response to the critical issue of climate change. 

Instead, our governments ignore the science and disregard the health experts, opting to continue to pursue investments in the fossil fuel industry.

The Morrison government is pushing forward with its Technology Road Map, which relies on gas, a highly polluting fossil fuel. 

Gas is a major cause of the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change which is impacting on the environment and our health. 

As Australia recovers from the current health and economic crisis a choice must be made: We can continue our unsustainable, polluting “business as usual”, or we can embrace a progressive, responsible, and healthy strategy for energy production and land preservation. 

Dr Beau Frigault is an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Resident on the Gold Coast and Queensland State Chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia.  

First published on 29 June 2020 in the Canberra Times