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Biodiversity and Health

Doctors for the Environment Australia has recognised the importance of this topic for an number of years and in 2007 our poster was entitled – The importance of biodiversity to your life and health

The accompanying information explored the concept of footprint and encouraged DEA members to calculate their own footprint. This poster was requested by many schools.

The European Commission has now produced an excellent review which can be read in conjunction with our earlier contribution.

“Many links between biodiversity and human health may remain unknown. But there is a growing body of evidence that disturbances to ecosystems may have large consequences for human well being. Thus protecting biodiversity—including the number of species but also the structure of communities within ecosystems— helps minimise undesirable or unintended impacts on health”

The article deals with topics such as food security, infectious diseases and the health aspects of green space.

Read the full review here (1.2 Mb pdf file).