Our Work Air Pollution AusDoc: As Australia burns, where is our plan?

AusDoc: As Australia burns, where is our plan?

As the fires continue to burn across eastern Australia, DEA’s Honorary Secretary Dr Richard Yin and DEA member Dr George Crisp, write the full scale of the health impacts and the capacity of health services to adequately respond is emerging–doctors on the frontline who are working in evacuation centres report they are dealing with up to 1000 evacuees, with very little equipment or support. Scientists have long predicted the compounding effects of climate change, yet plans for adaptation and mitigation have been inadequate . It is time we accept the science and the challenge before us and take urgent action on the climate crisis.

This article was co-authored by Dr Richard Yin, Honorary Secretary and Perth GP, as well as Dr George Crisp, a Perth GP and member of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Read the full article which was published in AusDoc on 9 January 2020.