About Doctors for the Environment Australia Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision: Healthy planet, healthy people

Our Purpose: Protecting health through care of the environment

Our values:

  • Respect for the natural world: we recognise the intrinsic value of the natural world, and its interconnectedness with human health.
  • Right to health: the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right of every human being.
  • Scientific integrity: we are guided by the highest standards of evidence and scientific rigour.
  • First Nations leadership: we recognise the knowledge of First Nations peoples and seek to work in solidarity with them.
  • Equity and justice: we acknowledge that climate change and environmental destruction are unjust, affecting some people more than others. We hear the voices of the people most affected; and we reflect their rights and perspectives in our work.
  • Non-partisanship: we are independent of party political alignment.
  • Care and support: we are a supportive organisation in which all voices are heard and respected.

DEA recognises:

DEA’s members live and work around Australia. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of these lands, in the spirit of reconciliation. We recognise that First Nations peoples have cared for Country for millennia and seek to learn from Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing. We acknowledge that sovereignty of this land was never ceded and pay our respects to First Nations Elders past and present, and to emerging leaders. DEA recognises that justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is intrinsically important and is committed to working in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations.