News & Media Opinion Pieces A National Meeting of DEA Student Members, 5-7 December 2009, Melbourne

A National Meeting of DEA Student Members, 5-7 December 2009, Melbourne

A National Meeting of DEA Student Members, 5-7 December 2009, Melbourne

The student division of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) is hosting an inaugural gathering for medical students this December. Join medical students from across Australia as we converge on Melbourne for 3 days of inspirational talks, workshops, and social events. The purpose of the gathering is to raise awareness, educate and develop strategies for medical student involvement in the areas of climate change and environmental health.

Date: 5th-7th December
Location: Newman College, University of Melbourne
Cost: $55 early bird price (or $20 per day) if you book before 23rd Oct. Includes lunch.

Cheque payment (sent to Treasurer, DEA, 6 Reginald Street Cottesloe 6011 WA),
Direct deposit, to “Doctors for the Environment (Aust) Inc”
BSB: 105108 Account # : 025060640.
Please be sure to identify who you are with your transfer
Email AND to let them know the payment is coming.

Accommodation: Melbourne YHA/camping/billeting
Transport: a group will be travelling from Sydney to Melbourne by coach on Friday 4th December to minimise our carbon footprint.

The Program
Day 1 will involve an educational program about the current threat that climate change poses to global health. On day 2 we will hear from various speakers about solutions and advocating for change. Day 3 will be focused on action, as we hear from doctors who are fighting against climate change and look at the DEA student agenda for 2010.

The program will be a mix of education, action and fun. Take part in daily workshops, educational plenary session, a media session (with radio and print journalists), and a letter writing workshop.
The social program includes a DEA mixer (an opportunity to meet student and professional members of DEA), a bike tour of Melbourne and a film night.

The Speakers (With more to follow!)

Dr Merryn Redenbach
Paediatrician and former ship’s doctor with the anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd
Topic: Experiences with Sea Shepherd and environmental issues affecting the oceans.

Mardie Townsend
Mardie Townsend is Associate Professor in the School of Health and Social Development at Deakin University. Her research interests include social and health impact assessment, and the human health benefits of interaction with nature.

Dr Colin Butler
Dr Butler is a director and co-founder of the Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health and Insight (BODHI). He is an Associate Professor at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at ANU. He is a DEA committee member and has published over 100 letters, papers and chapters concerning sustainability and health. He has also worked as a in rural general practice in Tasmania.

Michael Loftus
Michael Loftus is a medical student at Monash University. He was a delegate of Australian 2020 Youth Summit, and is currently a member of AMSA ThinkTank initiative. He is compiling ‘Code Green – A Climate Emergency’, a document for medical students outlining the major issues in health and climate change.

Colleen Hartland MLC
Colleen Hartland is a Greens member of the Victorian Legislative Council. She has participated in numerous environmental campaigns in the Western Metropolitan Region of Victoria, for which she won a council seat in 2006. She is responsible for the Health portfolio of The Greens Victoria.

Dr Bill Williams
Dr Williams is president of MAPW is the Medical Association for the Prevention of War (Australia), a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to educate medical professionals and the wider public about the health impact of war and conflict. Dr Williams has a particular interest in nuclear weapons industry, uranium mining and the health effects of radiation.

Lisa Gold
Lisa Gold is a Senior Research Fellow in the school of Health and Social Development at Deakin University. She has particular expertise in the economic evaluation of health and social interventions that aim to improve population health and reduce health inequalities. Lisa is also secretary on the Committee for Health Economists Association of Australia.

Dr Peter Tait
Dr Tait is a GP based in Alice Springs. He was the 2007 recipient of the RACGP’s GP of the Year award. He has a keen involvement with peace and climate change issues and is an active member of MAPW, PHAA (Public Health Association of Australia) and the Alice Springs Climate Action Group.

Dr Forbes McGain
Dr McGain is an anaesthetist and intensive care physician at Western Hospital in Footscray, Melbourne. He has been instrumental in the Victorian ‘Green Hospitals’ initiative.

Dr David Shearman (TBC)
Dr Shearman is Honorary Secretary of DEA, and Emeritus Professor of Medicine University of Adelaide. Hon Visiting Fellow, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide. He is a lifelong practicing physician who has co-authored several books including The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy, and Climate Change Litigation. Analysing the law, scientific evidence and impacts on the environment, health and property.

We will be hosting workshops with visiting members of the Beyond Zero Emissions crew and the AYCC (Australian Youth Climate Coalition).

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