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A message to DEA student members

Medical Students – The ailing world environment (and DEA) needs you.

We would like students to have greater involvement in Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), both in ideas and actions. DEA is a relatively new organisation of doctors and students, which aims to address the health impacts of environmental change. The effectiveness of the organisation depends on the voluntary contributions of its members.
Student membership is free, and allows you to receive all the benefits of full membership including regular updates of the activities of DEA.
Here is a list of suggested ways that students could assist DEA to become more effective.

* organise a yearly “Environment and Health“ lecture under the banner of DEA

* lobbying for Medical student associations to take an active role in environmental issues, including at the yearly national AMSA Convention

* building awareness of DEA and growing the membership of students and doctors – eg. by putting up posters, circulating newsletters etc.

* accompanying a DEA doctor on a delegation visit to a member of parliament. DEA has a record of being able to access members from all sides of politics due to its scientific and non-party political standing.

* designing education posters

* helping with website development, particularly posting material of interest to medical students, contributing to online discussions and opinions.

* assisting with administrative tasks such as database development and updating.

* contributing to DEA policy document development

* working to identify and develop “health and environment“ educational projects that DEA can undertake

* notifying the committee of local environmental issues that have a health focus.

* providing feedback on the current directions and effectivenes of DEA

* Collaborating with other like minded students to raise the profile of environmental health education in medical schools.

* Share stories of on-campus actions that are beneficial for our environment.

* Please contact your state DEA representative or the Honorary secretary with your ideas and offers of assistance.