Our Work Climate Change 24-25 Pre Budget Submission

24-25 Pre Budget Submission

As an organisation of medical practitioners and students, whose mission is to protect health through care of the environment, DEA welcomed the opportunity to make a pre budget submission which included the following overarching recommendations:

1: Provide sufficient funding to implement the National Health and Climate Strategy, and to support the leadership, engagement and coordination functions of the National Health, Sustainability and Climate Unit, in recognition that climate change is the greatest public health problem facing humanity

2: Support a just transition to renewable energy, enhancing the uptake of renewables domestically and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel exports, acknowledging the negative health impacts of fossil fuel combustion from pollution and global heating

3: Support biodiversity by protecting 30% of our land, freshwater and ocean ecosystems as per the Global Biodiversity Framework and stopping deforestation, acknowledging the health harms of biodiversity loss and habitat destruction.

4: Support policies and actions that increase local resilience to climate change and protect health i.e. greener cities, cool refuges and rooms, active transport infrastructure, local energy resilience and fire safety.

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