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  • Recent trends in and preparedness for extreme weather events

    Doctors for the Environment Australia welcomes the opportunity to highlight to the Committee that the present level of national and international action on climate change, which is contributing to the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, is so inadequate that we are accelerating towards a 4C rise in global average temperature by the end of this century (WB, 2012). If we continue on this trajectory then we have to consider how we are to live with this rapidly changing world and the damage to vital infrastructure, and in particular the subsequent health implications.

  • Camden Gas Project Stage 3 Northern Expansion

    The NSW Branch of Doctors for the Environment Australia has prepared this submission on behalf of the wider organization in order to strongly object to this proposed development, which we believe would be detrimental to the health and well-being of current and future NSW residents.  Health is not merely absence of disease, but is also determined by a range of factors such as clean air, safe food and water, uncontaminated land and socially cohesive communities with healthy natural environments.  Our objections relate to impacts that have the potential to undermine these determinants of health.

  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment

    Almost a quarter of the disease burden and deaths in the world can be attributed to environmental factors. We cannot begin to alleviate this burden of ill-health unless we address the environmental pathways and antecedent causes.

  • Solar thermal power generation at Port Augusta - SA Parliamentary Inquiry

    Port Augusta has experienced pollution from its power stations for many years. Doctors for the Environment Australia accessed air pollution data recorded by Alinta and the EPA over a decade and concluded on the basis of review by its experts that there were more occasions of excess emissions than acceptable by national standards...Read the full submission below.

    Download Submission (457KB) | December 2012
  • China Stone Coal Project

    The China Stone Coal Project produces 60 million tonnes of coal per annum and will be one of the biggest mines in the world.  All such mines have significant health impacts......

    Download Submission (462KB) | December 2012
  • The Proposed Amendments to the EPBC Act are a Health Issue

    DEA's Submission to the Regulatory ReformTaskforce, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities on the proposed amendments to the EPBC Act.

    Download Submission (50KB) | December 2012
  • Draft Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 - WA

    DEA submission to the Conservation Commission of Western Australia.

    Download Submission (437KB) | November 2012
  • Social Determinants of Health

    Most importantly Doctors for the Environment Australia notes the burden of illness suffered by some communities in Australia as a result of air pollution from the combustion and mining of coal and other fossil fuels and the inadequate actions of the Commonwealth to remedy this situation.

  • A Medical Opinion on the RET Issues Paper

    There is an overwhelming medical case for making the 2020, 20% Renewable Energy Target (RET) mandatory and strategies for increasing the target should be deployed as soon as possible.....

    Download Submission (235KB) | September 2012
  • Illawarra Coal Seam Gas, Apex Gas Exploration Project Mod 2

    The current license just this week renewed by the state government allows Apex Energy to drill 16 exploratory boreholes in the Illawarra around Helensburgh, Darkes Forest and Maddens Plains.  We are aware of the full scale plans for over 150 wells across the Illawarra escarpment and Sydney Water Catchment.......

    Download Submission (223KB) | September 2012
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