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  • Submission on the SA Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016

    The Global Burden of Disease report from WHO estimates that ambient air pollution is responsible for 3.7 million deaths worldwide (2012 estimate). Morbidity is difficult to quantify but it is recognised that the incidences of asthma, chronic lung disease, heart and other vascular disease, some neurological conditions, and some cancers are all influenced by air quality. The very young and the elderly are most impacted. Although Australia’s air quality is better than in many countries DEA believes there is cause for concern. It is estimated there are approximately 3,000 deaths annually in Australia attributable to air pollution........

  • Submission on the Rix’s Creek Continuation Project

    Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) opposes the approval of the Rix’s Creek continuation on the grounds that the area, and in particular the inhabitants of Camberwell and Singleton already suffer high levels of particulate air pollution and the extension of mining will exacerbate the probability of respiratory harm in a region with many existing coal mines and poor air quality. New research on the health effects of air pollution has been published which indicates the annual standard adopted by the NSW EPA is inadequate. 

    Download Submission (247KB) | December 2015
  • Submission to the SA Government on Developing a New Climate Change Strategy for South Australia

    Climate change is a priority issue for DEA for, as the 1st Lancet Commission on Climate Change and Health stated in 2009, “climate change is the greatest threat to human health of the 21st century. The consultation papers for “Developing a New Climate Change Strategy for SA” make very little reference to health. DEA believes health is central to any strategy around climate change as affirmed by the Lancet publications cited above.  Our foremost recommendation is to prepare this consultative document urgently.

  • Submission to the Independent Inquiry into the EPA Victoria

    DEA strongly welcomes the Ministerial Inquiry into the future roles and responsibilities of the Victorian EPA. Reviews of EPAs are uncommon, and this review in Victoria is an important opportunity for the Government of Victoria to provide true reform which aims to be a model of excellence to other states. The aim of our submission is to assist with this.

  • NT Link Project: Terms of reference submission

    DEA asks governments to consider the public health impacts and health costs to present and future generations of their policies. This is particularly relevant to the Northern Territory (NT) as we make key decisions and create policy settings that will determine our energy supply and economic directions. We recommend that The Environmental Protection Authority conduct a full Health Impact Assessment in accord with existing agreements.

    Download Submission (213KB) | September 2015
  • Victoria’s Renewable Energy Roadmap Submission

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), climate change from global warming is one of the greatest threats to public health and it will affect, in profoundly adverse ways, some of the most fundamental pre-requisites for good health: clean air and water, sufficient food, adequate shelter and freedom from disease........

    Download Submission (496KB) | September 2015
  • Review of the Climate Change Act (2010) - Victoria

    Global warming is the driver of climate change, although we note that there is no mention of “global warming” in the Act of 2010. It is warming of the land, seas and atmosphere close to earth’s surface and subsequent changes to our climate that is predicted to cause increasingly profound harmful effects to human health and wellbeing unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced substantially within the next decade......

    Download Submission (292KB) | September 2015
  • Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire Inquiry Submission

    DEA has an extensive history of advocating for the protection of health in relation to the coal industry nationally and in Victoria. Specifically relevant to the residents of Morwell and surrounding areas was DEA’s opposition at the VCAT in 2010 to the EPA approved development of a new coal fuelled power plant to be built by Dual Gas Pty Ltd. This power plant would have been situated 1 km from the Morwell township boundary, and DEA was greatly concerned for the health of local residents from an additional local air pollution source and the health implications globally from commissioning a new coal fuelled power plant when renewable alternatives are available.....

  • Submission to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

    This document addresses the future impacts of expansion of the nuclear fuel cycle industry on the South Australian environment and community (which are points (b) and (c) of the Terms of Reference). We present our health concerns essentially by quoting published sources relating to health from within the energy industry itself. We also provide an addendum listing some non-health-related issues that suggest nuclear energy is excessively costly and unsustainable.

  • Submission to the Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria

    Doctors for the Environment Australia welcomes the parliamentary enquiry into the onshore gas industry in Victoria, and the opportunity to comment on the health implications of the industry, including the risk of hydraulic fracturing or fracking......

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