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Australian Health and Environment Organisations

Green Practice

GreenPractice is committed to inspiring doctors and their patients to live and work sustainably.

National Toxics Network (NTN)

The National Toxics Network (NTN) is a community based network working…

International Organisations

Physicians for Social Responsibility (USA)

Physicians for Social Responsibility is a US-based NGO that is the medical and public health voice…

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. CAPE is a membership organisation for…

International Society of Doctors for the Environment

DEA's international parent body

OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate & Health

New Zealand affiliate body

Blogs and Journals

Climate Change HEALTH

News & Views on climate, health & the environment by DEA member Dr Paul Roth

Carbon Calculators

Other Australian Medical Sites

Healthy Scepticism

Australian organisation aiming to improve health by reducing harm from misleading health information.

Sustainability Products

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