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Investing in Health report: how health professionals can help shape the future

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  • Jul25

    Croakey: A timely examination of fracking concerns in the NT

    By Dr Rosalie Schultz   Territorians love the natural environment. We enjoy the environment both for the exhilaration it gives us, and for its tourism value. We should also remember that our health depends on having clean air and water and safe food. Damage and contamination of the NT’s natural…

  • Jul19

    Media release SA power crisis: Add the true costs of coal and gas to the energy bill, urge doctors

        Media release   19 July 2016   Doctors have today described comments that renewable energy from solar and wind are causing the SA power “crisis” as disingenuous because they ignore the hefty costs of coal and gas to public health and to the health budget.  Medical…

  • Jul15

    The Medical Republic: Encouraging healthy eating helps more than just our patients

    Dr George Crisp     There is much discussion in the medical and general media about the healthiness of food. Hardly surprising, as we face an unfolding epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases which, along with inactivity, are in large part related to our dietary excess.…

  • Jun30

    Climbing the mountain of climate change

    Where do we go from here, do we remain at base camp for another 15 years? The going has become more difficult as international chaos threatens! Here are my thoughts, we welcome those of any member. BREXIT and more Brexit is just one of the increasing barriers to the successful prosecution of climate…

  • Jun27

    Media release: Doctors deliver PM Turnbull Climate Change Survival Health Kit and open letter

        27 June 2016     Doctors will on Monday morning deliver Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull his very own Climate Change Survival Health Kit along with an open letter signed by over 350 health professionals to highlight that climate change is hazardous to health and must be tackled…

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  • Apr17

    Investing in Health report: how health professionals can help shape the future

    Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, health organisations and health super funds urged to quit coal, oil and gas. On 17 April 2016 Doctors for the Environment Australia and Climate and Health Alliance launched a new landmark report, urging Australia's 600,000…

  • Mar22

    Climate Change & Health in Australia Fact Sheets

    Doctors for the Environment Australia has developed this fact sheet to outline the effects of climate change on human health particularly in Australia, and how health can benefit from efforts to lessen and prevent climate change. The recent Paris Agreement under the United…

  • Aug10

    Fact Sheet the human health tolls of coal

    - The burning of coal emits hazardous air pollutants, including particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, mercury and arsenic. - Australia has one of the carbon intensive and polluting electricity supplies in the world, with around 80% of electricity…

  • Jun02

    DEA Report; No Time for Games: Children’s Health and Climate Change

    DEA's report No Time for Games: Children’s Health and Climate Change shines the national spotlight on the potential health harms that children especially face from global warming, and calls for swift and decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. …

  • Feb09

    Divestment FAQ’s

    The Divestment FAQs was developed by Doctors for the Environment Australia ahead of the first ever Global Divestment Day on 13 to 14 February 2015. DEA believes the movement to divest from the fossil fuel industry, which is jeopardising our planet's…

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