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  • Jul22

    Global climate changes need action

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was published in Medical Observer 15th July 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. At its annual meeting last month, the British Medical Association (BMA) committed to divest from fossil fuels. IN their discussion, members acknowledged climate…

  • Jul21

    Victorian 2014 State Election

    DEA has launched its advocacy platform for the Victorian 2014 election. This election is critical to ensure that Victoria has strong policies to protect health through care of the environment. DEA is calling on all parties to commit to ensure all people in Victoria have access to safe food, water, air…

  • Jun26

    Media Release: Australian doctors support the British Medical Association, 26 June 2014

    "Australian doctors support the British Medical Association's announcement to dump investments in fossil fuels" Hundreds of doctors across Australia have welcomed the British Medical Association's announcement to divest from fossil fuels during its annual general meeting yesterday (Wednesday).…

  • Jun15

    Coal is a major health issue like smoking

    This issue has now had important exposure as a result of President Obama’s initiative on reducing coal pollution. One vital issue that must be contested is that coal is cheap. Mr Abbott and many commentators repeat this erroneous statement. Mr Abbott has made the following statement that we can…

  • May20

    Letter published in MJA by DEA members Marion Carey, Helen Redmond and Melissa Haswell

    Recently the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) published an article on the uncertainties surrounding the health impacts of the unconventional gas industry This was an important…

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  • Mar06

    Making our health system more sustainable

    Making our health system more sustainable: An ideas paper for the Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability, Victoria written by DEA member Lisa Rasmussen for the Victorian Environmental Commissioner, Professor Kate Auty. DEA thanks Professor Auty for agreeing to it being…

  • Dec30

    Coal and Health: Action Update

    Download here or link on right sidebar ...

  • Dec13

    Atlas of Health and Climate - WHO & WMO

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) have jointly released, an extensive report 'Atlas of health and climate: realising the potential to improve health outcomes through the use of climate services' that can be downloaded…

  • Oct19

    Humble pushie beats the car

    DEA member Juerg Draeyer appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin - 18/10/12 YEPPOON GP Juerg Draeyer has been practising what he preaches and riding his bicycle to work for the past five years. Dr Draeyer said leaving the car at home and riding was a healthy, environmentally…

  • Sep11

    Unconventional Gas (CSG/Shale Gas) Mining and Health Information

    DEA has presented evidence to two parliamentary committees that it considers the current level of assessment, monitoring and regulation of CSG exploration and mining activities to be inadequate to protect the health of current and future generations of Australians. There…

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