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What can doctors do to help patients deal with the health impacts of climate change?

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  • Jan20

    Medical Observer Opinion: Paris climate deal just a beginning

    by Dr Katrina Lyne YEARS of negotiations culminated as the Paris agreement on climate change was accepted last month, paving the way for ambitious action to protect the earth from catastrophic climate change. At the conclusion of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework…

  • Dec30

    The Advertiser comment: Doctors for the Environment Australia: Heatwaves are silent killers

    ADELAIDE has just experienced a record-breaking heatwave for December, with regional areas facing even higher temperatures than the city. While the much-needed cool change brought temporary relief, scientific evidence indicates we must brace for more of these events. Australia has warmed steadily since…

  • Dec18

    Croakey comment: Victorian moratorium on unconventional gas

        Edited by Melissa Sweet and first published in Croakey on 16 December 2015   Medical professionals and organisations, together with community members, raised serious concerns about the health impacts of unconventional gas extraction in submissions to a recent Victorian…

  • Dec18

    Comment in the Fairfax media, “Paris: City of tragedy and hope”

      This comment piece by DEA Chair Professor Kingsley Faulkner first appeared in the Canberra Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and WA Today on 16 December 2015.   The COP 21 UN Climate Change Accord reached in Paris on December 12 has torn down the veil of ignorance, obstruction and…

  • Dec14

    Media release: Doctors call on environment ministers to adopt strict air pollution laws

      14 December 2015   Doctors urge state and federal environment ministers not to cave in to pressure from the mining industry and support the adoption of strong national air pollution standards at Tuesday’s 15 December meeting. Air pollution is a silent killer. It’s linked…

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  • Aug10

    The human health tolls of coal - Fact Sheet

    - The burning of coal emits hazardous air pollutants, including particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, mercury and arsenic. - Australia has one of the carbon intensive and polluting electricity supplies in the world, with around 80% of electricity…

  • Jun30

    Divestment Blog for AMSA Code Green Week

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was written for AMSA Code Green Week and was published on the Code Green Blog in June 2015. Why is it that doctors and medical students would become interested in the investment practises of their super funds, medical colleges and…

  • Feb09

    Divestment FAQs

    The Divestment FAQs was developed by Doctors for the Environment Australia ahead of the first ever Global Divestment Day on 13 to 14 March 2015. DEA believes the movement to divest from the fossil fuel industry, which is jeopardising our planet's…

  • Jul22

    Global climate changes need action

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was published in Medical Observer 15th July 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. At its annual meeting last month, the British Medical Association (BMA) committed to divest from fossil fuels. IN their discussion, members…

  • May20

    Divestment and public health flyer

    The following flyer was developed by DEA, AMSA and connecting divestment and public health Could your superannuation fund, bank or university be contributing to the biggest public health problem of our time?...

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