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  • Sep02

    Ditch the screen for the green

    This article by DEA Biodiversity sub-committee Convenor, Dimity Williams, was published in Medical Observer 26th August 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. Many of these problems are the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle with kids today spending much of their time in a box,…

  • Aug27

    Letter to Mr Richard Warburton, Chair, Renewable Energy Target Review

    Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) Chair, Professor Kingsley Faulkner wrote to Mr Richard Warburton, Chair of the Renewable Endergy Target Review to express DEA's concern about the process and expected outcomes of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review. See letter attached....

  • Aug21

    Letter to the Coalition from David Shearman

    Honorary Secretary David Shearman, who co-authored an Open Letter to the Prime Minister instigated by Tony McMichael and Steve Leeder that was recently published in the MJA, has this week written to every Coalition Senator and Member, asking them to urgently consider the issues raised in the Open Letter…

  • Aug08

    Open letter to the Hon Tony Abbott MP

    The following open letter written by 12 eminent Australian medical and health scientists to the Prime Minister urging him to include human induced climate change and its serious health consequences on the agenda for this years G20 meeting in Brisbane has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia…

  • Aug05

    Anglesea coal power should close

    The following open letter was published in the Geelong Advertiser, 4th August 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. Doctors for the Environment Australia requests no company makes an offer to Alcoa to purchase either the Anglesea coal mine or power station. Alcoa’s…

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  • Jul22

    Global climate changes need action

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was published in Medical Observer 15th July 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. At its annual meeting last month, the British Medical Association (BMA) committed to divest from fossil fuels. IN their discussion, members…

  • May20

    Divestment and public health flyer

    The following flyer was developed by DEA, AMSA and connecting divestment and public health Could your superannuation fund, bank or university be contributing to the biggest public health problem of our time?...

  • Mar28

    An Opinion Piece on Divestment

    Our global scientists have been indicating for many years, that humanity has overstepped the boundaries of our ecological systems. Pollution, overexploitation of resources and destruction of our natural environments have pushed our life sustaining (eco) systems over the…

  • Mar06

    Making our health system more sustainable

    Making our health system more sustainable: An ideas paper for the Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability, Victoria written by DEA member Lisa Rasmussen for the Victorian Environmental Commissioner, Professor Kate Auty. DEA thanks Professor Auty for agreeing to it being…

  • Aug30

    DEA Action on Divestment: vote with your money!

    The following letter was sent to all DEA members calling for Action - August 2013   Dear We are writing to you to ask you to take urgent action to remove financial support from the fossil fuel industry. “Climate Change is the biggest global health threat of the…

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  • Warkworth and Mount Thorley Mine Submissions

    Of the many pending approvals of new mines in NSW, DEA made submissions on these interrelated mines for two reasons. Firstly, because…

  • Forestry Tasmania HCV Submission

    As a body of medical professionals, DEA is an interested stakeholder due to our interest and expertise on the intersection of health,…

  • Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry

    DEA Hazelwood Mine Fire Submission - May 2014. The Hazelwood Coal Mine Fires of 2014 have heightened public awareness and concern in…

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Support Team DEA in the Melbourne Marathon Festival, 12 October 2014

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