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  • Sea Shepherd’s Operation Jeedara; a ship’s doctor’s account

    by Katya Glogovska In August this year, I had the opportunity to serve as the ship's doctor on the Sea Shepherd for several days, relieving Dr Merryn Redenbach. The MY Steve Irwin is the Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel, and it has been sailing through the Great Australian Bight on its latest…

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  • Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben - Book Review by David King

    Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist Bill McKibben 2013   I’m usually reluctant to spend my precious spare time reading books about subjects which I’m already familiar with, or that might be ‘preaching to the converted’. However, apart from the pedant…

    Read More | Filed in: Other News Stories Opinion & Commentary | 03 February 2014 - David King - DEA QLD state representative
  • Open cut coal mining in Tasmania?

    DEA has been alarmed to learn of a proposal to open an enormous open cut coal mine in Tasmania’s picturesque Derwent Valley, with a plan to produce 8 million tonnes of coal over the next 8 years for local and international use. Tasmania has in the recent past been a leader in climate change action,…

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  • Reefwalk 2013

    10 weeks walking, 1200km from Cairns to Gladstone, along the Great Barrier Reef. This was enough to make me leave my job to see more of our beautiful Australia. Walking pace is the natural human pace. You see so much more when you walk, you dedicate your time. When you are walking, the journey is the…

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  • Democracy: essential for health and wellbeing

    This article by DEA Member Peter Tait was published in Medical Observer 16th August 2013 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. RECENT advances in our understanding of health show that a major determinant of whether or not people are healthy is how we arrange society. Arrangements range from readily…

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  • Why climate change should be a key health issue this election

    The following article first appeared on the Conversation and appears here under a Creative Commons licence. By Anthony McMichael Our perennial, ideologically-driven squabbling over whether and how to reduce carbon emissions is generally couched in terms of GDP, jobs, commercial competitiveness, household…

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  • DEA - Do The Math Movie Screening:

    At the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Accord that was agreed upon by all nations of our planet only contained one number.  This number was 2.  The context of this number was that every country present agreed in principle that climate change must be kept below…

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