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  • Effects of plastics in the environment

    An overview of concerns by DEA member A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos The impact of chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides in the environment on human health is well recognised.1 What is not well recognised is the impact of plastics in the environment on human health. In April 2016, the Federal Government,…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 22 November 2016 - By A/Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM, MBBS, FRACGP, FACNEM
  • Online opinion: The upside to Hazelwood’s closure

    By Dr John Iser   The ongoing speculation that the Hazelwood coal plant will shut down has resulted in the Latrobe Valley community unfairly suffering the threat of unemployment and disruption for too long. News that Premier Daniel Andrews will personally oversee a taskforce to plan for the Latrobe…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Media Opinion & Commentary | 04 November 2016 - Carmela Ferraro
  • Croakey: How a prescription for solar thermal treatment changed the health fortunes of a whole town

        Many salutory lessons arise from this fascinating account of the role of health and medical expertise in the successful closure of polluting power stations in South Australia. It also raises some important questions about the absence of wider public health and medical engagement.…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Media Opinion & Commentary | 02 November 2016 - Carmela Ferraro
  • Rocky Hill OpEd

    by Dr Garry Lyford and Dr John Van Der Kallen   The Bucketts range, Gloucester, NSW photo by CGoodwin   Whether you are a Gloucester resident or a visitor to the area, we all appreciate Gloucester as an area of natural beauty. This of course makes it inconceivable to develop an open…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 31 October 2016 - Rebecca Osborne
  • AMSJ: Climate change, the challenge to medicine in the 21st century

    By Professor Kingsley Faulkner, DEA Chair   Medicine in the early decades of the 21st century offers great promise, powered by ready access to knowledge, innovative imaging and interventional technologies, sophisticated research, and personalised pharmaceuticals. Despite this, doctors of the…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Media Opinion & Commentary | 31 October 2016 - Carmela Ferraro
  • Finding the Northwest Passage – global warming upsets these ‘folk ‘as well

    by Peter Brooks, member DEA Peter Brooks recounts a very personal account of his recent trip – sailing in the footsteps of Franklin – with the stark impact of climate change on the Arctic and its populations.   Late august this year I set off on a ‘bucket’ list expedition…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 30 October 2016 - Rebecca Osborne
  • SMH oped: Mike Baird is wrong to support coal mines

    By Dr David Shearman   Mike Baird has said his decision to overturn the ban on greyhound dog racing shows he is prepared to admit when his government has got it wrong. If this is true, it's time he admitted he is wrong about his support of coal mining and take back his "no doubt coal is good"…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Media Opinion & Commentary | 19 October 2016 - Carmela Ferraro
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