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  • Bub Hub: Tips to get more nature into your child’s day

    Dr Dimity Williams   We all want contact with the outdoors and the natural world, says Dr Dimity Williams in this article for parenting magazine, the Bub Hub. Yet today's lifestyle means we live inside our homes, cars or in big shopping centres which restrict…

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  • Medical Observer Opinion: Paris climate deal just a beginning

    by Dr Katrina Lyne YEARS of negotiations culminated as the Paris agreement on climate change was accepted last month, paving the way for ambitious action to protect the earth from catastrophic climate change. At the conclusion of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework…

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  • The Advertiser comment: Doctors for the Environment Australia: Heatwaves are silent killers

    ADELAIDE has just experienced a record-breaking heatwave for December, with regional areas facing even higher temperatures than the city. While the much-needed cool change brought temporary relief, scientific evidence indicates we must brace for more of these events. Australia has warmed steadily since…

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  • Croakey comment: Victorian moratorium on unconventional gas

        Edited by Melissa Sweet and first published in Croakey on 16 December 2015   Medical professionals and organisations, together with community members, raised serious concerns about the health impacts of unconventional gas extraction in submissions to a recent Victorian…

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  • Comment in the Fairfax media, “Paris: City of tragedy and hope”

      This comment piece by DEA Chair Professor Kingsley Faulkner first appeared in the Canberra Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and WA Today on 16 December 2015.   The COP 21 UN Climate Change Accord reached in Paris on December 12 has torn down the veil of ignorance, obstruction and…

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  • Letter from Our Chair and Hon Sec on why the Paris deal matters

    Credit: European Climate Foundation   Paris, a city of architectural cohesion and artistic treasures, where style and joie de vivre usually reign, recently became a city scarred by senseless violence. It also became, four weeks later, the city where the very survival of the planet and its inhabitants…

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  • Talking Point: Clearfell burns clash with global climate concerns

      By Dr Rohan Church and Dr Frank Nicklason​     HAVING just experienced the driest October on record, many Tasmanians are preparing for the possibility of a dangerous bushfire season. With forecasts of longer, hotter, drier summers, bushfires are one way a warming planet will…

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