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  • Medical Observer oped: Doctors should lead on population

    By Dr David King THE Reverend Thomas Malthus argued in 1798 that population growth was generally restricted by available resources. At this time one billion people lived on Earth. Since then mechanised agriculture has produced dramatic growth in crop yields, and the world population exceeded seven billion…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 03 July 2015 - Carmela Ferraro
  • Oped: The Lancet Commission Report by Professor Fiona Stanley and Dr Sallie Forrest

    The opinion piece was published in the West Australian on 25 June 2015.    Carbon reduction key to our health and survival, was co-authored by Professor Fiona Stanley and Doctors for the Environment Australia's Policy and Advocay officer, Dr Sallie Forrest. It was written…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 26 June 2015 - Carmela Ferraro
  • Oped: PM’s views ignore the winds of change

      By Dr George Crisp It is regrettable that our Prime Minister has expressed a desire to reduce new wind farm developments in Australia, citing potential health effects as one of the reasons.    This echoes the statements made by crossbench senators who have suggested that inaudible low…

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  • Global climate changes need action

    This article by DEA Member Helen Redmond was published in Medical Observer 15th July 2014 and appears under a Creative Commons licence. At its annual meeting last month, the British Medical Association (BMA) committed to divest from fossil fuels. IN their discussion, members acknowledged climate…

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  • Coal is a major health issue like smoking

    This issue has now had important exposure as a result of President Obama’s initiative on reducing coal pollution. One vital issue that must be contested is that coal is cheap. Mr Abbott and many commentators repeat this erroneous statement. Mr Abbott has made the following statement that we can…

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  • An Opinion Piece on Divestment

    Our global scientists have been indicating for many years, that humanity has overstepped the boundaries of our ecological systems. Pollution, overexploitation of resources and destruction of our natural environments have pushed our life sustaining (eco) systems over the edge. The scientific evidence…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 28 March 2014 - Dr Ingo Weber
  • Warming climate threatens health, doctors warn

    This month we saw one of the most significant multi-day heatwaves on record in Australia. The heatwave affected large parts of South-eastern Australia with maximum temperatures for the period 13-17 January 12°C or more above normal in most of Victoria, most areas of South Australia within 200 kilometres…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 03 February 2014 - Dr Marion Carey
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