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  • SBS: Gasfields - gambling with our health

    By Dr Liz Bashford   As the Victorian government prepares to release its much anticipated gas policy, expected before parliament resumes on August 16, pro fossil fuel heavy weights have already jumped the starting line with misleading spin. Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg…

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  • The Medical Republic: Encouraging healthy eating helps more than just our patients

    Dr George Crisp     There is much discussion in the medical and general media about the healthiness of food. Hardly surprising, as we face an unfolding epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases which, along with inactivity, are in large part related to our dietary excess.…

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  • Climbing the mountain of climate change

    Where do we go from here, do we remain at base camp for another 15 years? The going has become more difficult as international chaos threatens! Here are my thoughts, we welcome those of any member. BREXIT and more Brexit is just one of the increasing barriers to the successful prosecution of climate…

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  • Letter to 2016 election candidates urging climate action by former Australian of the Year

        14 June 2016   Dear Candidate, I write to you on behalf of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA). DEA is a medical organisation that protects human health from harms to the environment. It is supported by a Nobel Prize Laureate, an Australian of the Year Award recipient, Deans…

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  • Border Watch Letter to the Editor: Lack of dialogue raises questions over gas mining

      By Associate Professor Melissa Haswell It is disappointing to again find myself misrepresented in letters to the Editor of your good paper as an ‘activist presenter’ and to witness the Doctors for the Environment Australia be identified as a ‘protest group’ by the Director…

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  • Croakey: Where does your bank stand on fossil fuels? A call for health professionals to divest.

    Doctors calling on other health professionals to join the divestment movement   By Dr Doug Shaw and Dr John Willoughby Story Editor: Melissa Sweet   Climate change is one of three “slow-motion disasters” shaping the global health landscape, together with the rise of antimicrobial…

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  • Newcastle Herald Oped: We need a regional air quality plan for the Hunter

    Image: Frank Bergmann   By Ben Ewald and John Van Der Kallen   The recent studies of air pollution in the Hunter finally show us the constituents of pollution and points to the likely sources. We agree with the editorial comment (Newcastle Herald, April 30) that it is extraordinary…

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