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  • An Opinion Piece on Divestment

    Our global scientists have been indicating for many years, that humanity has overstepped the boundaries of our ecological systems. Pollution, overexploitation of resources and destruction of our natural environments have pushed our life sustaining (eco) systems over the edge. The scientific evidence…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 28 March 2014 - Dr Ingo Weber
  • Warming climate threatens health, doctors warn

    This month we saw one of the most significant multi-day heatwaves on record in Australia. The heatwave affected large parts of South-eastern Australia with maximum temperatures for the period 13-17 January 12°C or more above normal in most of Victoria, most areas of South Australia within 200 kilometres…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 03 February 2014 - Dr Marion Carey
  • Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben - Book Review by David King

    Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist Bill McKibben 2013   I’m usually reluctant to spend my precious spare time reading books about subjects which I’m already familiar with, or that might be ‘preaching to the converted’. However, apart from the pedant…

    Read More | Filed in: Other News Stories Opinion & Commentary | 03 February 2014 - David King - DEA QLD state representative
  • Comments by John Merory on the article Greening your transport: Where does an electric car fit in?

    I enjoyed reading Greening your transport: Where does an electric car fit in? by Hubertus Jersmann. I would like to make some comments. The Jersmann family are an illustration of car dependency even in our larger cities. Despite living only 3.5 km from the centre they have to drive large distances across…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 08 January 2014 - Dr John Merory
  • Film review: ‘Chasing Ice’

    On November 7th DEA Tasmania held a free community screening of the award-winning documentary ‘Chasing Ice’, at the Cradle Coast Campus of the University of Tasmania in Burnie. The event, which was followed by an open forum to discuss climate change, related health problems and taking action…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Action Opinion & Commentary | 15 November 2013 - Rohan Church - DEA Tasmania Representative
  • Greening your transport: Where does an electric car fit in?

    A case study by Adelaide-based specialist and DEA SA committee member, Hubertus Jersmann. As a medical practitioner interested in the good health of patients and society it is important never to lose sight of the big picture of how overpopulation and our current economic model cause climate change and…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 28 October 2013 - Hubertus Jersmann
  • Speech: DEA describes the health risks of coal seam gas at NSW rally

    At the rally in Sydney on coal seam gas held 22 October 2013, DEA members Nimna De Silva and Sophie Gascoigne-Cohen gave this speech, describing the health risks posed by CSG. They said, "We recognise that coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas mining pose significant risks to health and…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 23 October 2013 - Anne Walker
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