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  • Medical Observer comment: Why doctors must lead fossil fuel fight

    By Dr Richard Yin   IN 2013, the federal government’s Future Fund and many superannuation funds dumped investments in tobacco companies following a long campaign by health groups.  Until then doctors, nurses and other health professionals were working publicly against the tobacco industry…

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  • ABC comment: Health of Australians suffering as government again fails to address climate change

    By Dr Sallie Forrest   DOCTORS ARE DISMAYED by the inadequacy of the Abbott government's just-announced carbon emission targets of at least 26 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, which it aims to take to the United Nations climate change meeting in Paris in December. We see a government…

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  • Croakey blog: A shout out to health professionals: act now for a cool planet

    By Dr Sujata Allan JENNIFER DOGGETT: The medical profession has taken a lead role in many respects on climate change and environmental issues but there is still scope for more to be done. In the following piece, Dr Sujata Allan, argues that doctors have both a responsibility and a unique role…

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  • Brisbane Times oped: Tackle climate change, our health depends on it

    By Dr David King   Climate change has become a highly polarised issue in Australia, with the focus on the economic and political costs and risks. A recent report from one of the world's leading medical journal, The Lancet, highlights the risks to health from unrestrained climate change.…

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  • Medical Observer oped: Doctors should lead on population

    By Dr David King THE Reverend Thomas Malthus argued in 1798 that population growth was generally restricted by available resources. At this time one billion people lived on Earth. Since then mechanised agriculture has produced dramatic growth in crop yields, and the world population exceeded seven billion…

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  • Oped: The Lancet Commission Report by Professor Fiona Stanley and Dr Sallie Forrest

    The opinion piece was published in the West Australian on 25 June 2015.    Carbon reduction key to our health and survival, was co-authored by Professor Fiona Stanley and Doctors for the Environment Australia's Policy and Advocay officer, Dr Sallie Forrest. It was written…

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  • Oped: PM’s views ignore the winds of change

      By Dr George Crisp It is regrettable that our Prime Minister has expressed a desire to reduce new wind farm developments in Australia, citing potential health effects as one of the reasons.    This echoes the statements made by crossbench senators who have suggested that inaudible low…

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