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  • Border Watch Letter to the Editor: Lack of dialogue raises questions over gas mining

      By Associate Professor Melissa Haswell It is disappointing to again find myself misrepresented in letters to the Editor of your good paper as an ‘activist presenter’ and to witness the Doctors for the Environment Australia be identified as a ‘protest group’ by the Director…

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  • Newcastle Herald Oped: We need a regional air quality plan for the Hunter

    Image: Frank Bergmann   By Ben Ewald and John Van Der Kallen   The recent studies of air pollution in the Hunter finally show us the constituents of pollution and points to the likely sources. We agree with the editorial comment (Newcastle Herald, April 30) that it is extraordinary…

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  • Open Forum: Fossil fuel divestment: Why Australia’s uni students are turning the other cheek

    Damian Gill   Students across Australia are staging bold actions at their universities to demand divestment from fossil fuels. Why do the issues of climate change and fossil fuel investment resonate so strongly with university students? It’s about equality and justice, explains Damian Gill.…

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  • Renew Economy oped: Climate policy becomes trench warfare, once again

    Dr David Shearman, AM   The release of Labor’s climate policy has led immediately to a resumption of World War I style trench warfare. The opening salvo, the pre-prepared advertisements and admonishments, was blasted off within hours, to be followed by tunnelling under the Labor trenches,…

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  • Croakey: Health groups lead call to end investment in coal, oil and gas

    From left: RACP’s Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine President-Elect Professor Lynne Madden, CAHA Vice President Dr Peter Sainsbury, DEA’s representative in NSW Dr Helen Redmond at the launch of Investing in Health report at iDEA16 in Brisbane on 17 April 2016  …

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  • Medical Observer oped: The heat is on to cool down our cities

      By Dr George Crisp   RECENT droughts and bushfires have made us far more conscious of how a warming climate can affect our health, especially in regional Australia. Far less appreciated, however, are the more direct impacts of heat. The vast preponderance of heat-related deaths and illness…

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  • SMH oped: Coal marketing should come with a health warning

    Image: With thanks to Beyond Coal and Gas   By Dr Ben Ewald and Dr David Shearman   The NSW Minerals Council's new campaign extolling the virtues of coal mining was launched on Tuesday, and according to their media release it is due to appear on NSW television screens this month. But like…

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