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  • SBS Comment: Gutting ARENA is just sick - renewable energy saves lives and health costs

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will be gutted by a funding cut of $500 million. But it's at odds with the government’s claims to be innovative and support jobs and growth.    By David Shearman   In 1854, John Snow, a London surgeon surrounded by thousands of people…

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  • Renew Economy Oped: Myth of gas; has South Australia capitulated to fossil fuels?

    By Dr David Shearman and Dr Graeme Mcleay   Gas is a seemingly difficult issue for governments. Looking at the health disasters of asbestos, tobacco and air pollution from coal, government ministers might wonder if they would have acted earlier had they been in power and reassured themselves they…

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  • The Guardian: Cigarettes, asbestos, now fossil fuels. How big business impacts public health

      Professor Kingsley Faulkner   The decisions reached at the recent Coag energy council meeting are reminiscent of a long series of failures to understand the impacts of powerful business on the health of the community. The failures extend historically from tobacco, to asbestos to the health…

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  • SBS: Gasfields - gambling with our health

    By Dr Liz Bashford   As the Victorian government prepares to release its much anticipated gas policy, expected before parliament resumes on August 16, pro fossil fuel heavy weights have already jumped the starting line with misleading spin. Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg…

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  • Independent Australia: Doctors call for fossils fuels to be labelled an unacceptable health hazard

    By: Dr Graeme McLeay   Doctors deliver open letter to Victorian Premier to close coal power stations for health and a safe climate. (Image via   Dr. Graeme McLeay from Doctors for the Environment urges us to contact our energy ministers before this month's…

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  • Croakey: A timely examination of fracking concerns in the NT

    By Dr Rosalie Schultz   Territorians love the natural environment. We enjoy the environment both for the exhilaration it gives us, and for its tourism value. We should also remember that our health depends on having clean air and water and safe food. Damage and contamination of the NT’s natural…

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  • The Medical Republic: Encouraging healthy eating helps more than just our patients

    Dr George Crisp     There is much discussion in the medical and general media about the healthiness of food. Hardly surprising, as we face an unfolding epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases which, along with inactivity, are in large part related to our dietary excess.…

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