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  • Renew Economy Oped: No social licence, no gas fracking in South Australia

    Food not Fracking, Penola, South Australia (Royston Rascals, Flickr)   By David Shearman & Melissa Haswell   In a state with a history of enlightened decisions, The Final report of the South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into unconventional gas (fracking) in the South East of South Australia…

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  • The Conversation: Why coal-fired power stations need to shut on health grounds

    By David Shearman   The Senate inquiry’s report into the planned closure of coal-fired power stations will no doubt shed light on the compelling health reasons to close them. Coal-fired stations are a health hazard to their local communities and beyond due to the pollutants they emit. The…

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  • Croakey: The new NT government is right to announce an inquiry into fracking

    By Dr Rosalie Schultz and Dr David Shearman Croakey Story Editor: Dr Ruth Armstrong   One of the outcomes of the Labor Party’s landslide election win in the Northern Territory earlier this year was a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing of onshore unconventional gas reservoirs (fracking),…

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  • SBS Comment: From Hazelwood to Marrakech - Australia needs to move away from coal

    By Dr Liz Bashford   The climate change talks in Marrakech which start this week will put a spotlight on Australia’s poor contribution to the Paris agreement to keep world global average temperatures below 2 degrees. For all the Government’s dogged support of the coal industry which…

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  • Online opinion: The upside to Hazelwood’s closure

    By Dr John Iser   The ongoing speculation that the Hazelwood coal plant will shut down has resulted in the Latrobe Valley community unfairly suffering the threat of unemployment and disruption for too long. News that Premier Daniel Andrews will personally oversee a taskforce to plan for the Latrobe…

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  • Croakey: How a prescription for solar thermal treatment changed the health fortunes of a whole town

        Many salutory lessons arise from this fascinating account of the role of health and medical expertise in the successful closure of polluting power stations in South Australia. It also raises some important questions about the absence of wider public health and medical engagement.…

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  • AMSJ: Climate change, the challenge to medicine in the 21st century

    By Professor Kingsley Faulkner, DEA Chair   Medicine in the early decades of the 21st century offers great promise, powered by ready access to knowledge, innovative imaging and interventional technologies, sophisticated research, and personalised pharmaceuticals. Despite this, doctors of the…

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