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  • SMH oped: Mike Baird is wrong to support coal mines

    By Dr David Shearman   Mike Baird has said his decision to overturn the ban on greyhound dog racing shows he is prepared to admit when his government has got it wrong. If this is true, it's time he admitted he is wrong about his support of coal mining and take back his "no doubt coal is good"…

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  • The Advertiser oped: Port Augusta power station must remain closed for the health of local community

    By Dr John Willoughby   THE Federal Government and state Liberals are demanding that Jay Weatherill’s Government should reopen the Port Augusta coal-fired power station. What are they thinking of? Re-starting a coal-fired power station adds to global warming which increases the frequency and…

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  • Doctus Project: We must act on climate change, before it’s too late

    Dr John Iser   Editorial by Patrick Walker, the Doctus Project   It is a bright, sunny afternoon in May, and Victoria’s hottest Autumn on record is drawing to a close. My colleague Jesse Schnall and I are waiting to meet with Dr John Iser, the Victorian Chair of Doctors for the Environment…

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  • Open Forum: Using my money as a force for good

    by Rebecca Tuma   Divestment is the opposite of investment and means getting rid of stocks, bonds or funds that are deemed unethical or morally ambiguous. Leading up to Divestment Day, Rebecca Tuma urges you to use your consumer power and put your money where your convictions are.   There…

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  • Newcastle Herald: Climate change & health concerns drive opposition to Rocky Hill mine at Gloucester

    by John Van Der Kallen and Garry Lyford     GLOUCESTER is a rural area in the foothills of the World Heritage-listed Barrington Tops National Park which has a pristine environment of high ecological significance. It is inconceivable that an open cut mine that aims to extract 21 million tonnes…

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  • SBS Comment: Gutting ARENA is just sick - renewable energy saves lives and health costs

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will be gutted by a funding cut of $500 million. But it's at odds with the government’s claims to be innovative and support jobs and growth.    By David Shearman   In 1854, John Snow, a London surgeon surrounded by thousands of people…

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  • Renew Economy Oped: Myth of gas; has South Australia capitulated to fossil fuels?

    By Dr David Shearman and Dr Graeme Mcleay   Gas is a seemingly difficult issue for governments. Looking at the health disasters of asbestos, tobacco and air pollution from coal, government ministers might wonder if they would have acted earlier had they been in power and reassured themselves they…

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