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  • Victorian 2014 State Election

    DEA has launched its advocacy platform for the Victorian 2014 election. This election is critical to ensure that Victoria has strong policies to protect health through care of the environment. DEA is calling on all parties to commit to ensure all people in Victoria have access to safe food, water, air…

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  • Media Release: Australian doctors support the British Medical Association, 26 June 2014

    "Australian doctors support the British Medical Association's announcement to dump investments in fossil fuels" Hundreds of doctors across Australia have welcomed the British Medical Association's announcement to divest from fossil fuels during its annual general meeting yesterday (Wednesday).…

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  • iDEA Conference Report 2014

    March 2014 saw four hundred doctors, and medical students from all over Australia come together for the iDEA14 conference, Australia’s national climate change and health conference, run by Doctors For The Environment Australia (DEA), to address the health impacts of fossil fuels and anthropogenic…

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  • DEA statement on unconventional gas development in SA

    Why are there serious concerns over the development of unconventional gas (coal seam, shale, and tight gas) in South Australia? The gas industry has already commenced activity in the Cooper Basin, the Arckaringa Basin which contains the great Artesian Basin and the Otway Basin. Given the massive gas…

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  • iDEA 2014 Conference - Registration now open

    "Climate change will affect, in profoundly adverse ways, some of the most fundamental determinants of health… we need champions throughout the world who will work to put protecting human health at the centre of the climate change agenda" - Margaret Chan, Director, World Health Organization  …

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  • Victoria’s Energy Future: Prospects and Challenges

    Report for DEA on the Royal Society of Victoria two day symposium on “Victoria’s Energy Future: Prospects and Challenges” held October 25-6, 2013. Written by Dr Kristen Pearson Royal Society of Victoria (RSV) was formed in 1854, modelled on the Royal Society of London. Its stated purpose…

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  • Film review: ‘Chasing Ice’

    On November 7th DEA Tasmania held a free community screening of the award-winning documentary ‘Chasing Ice’, at the Cradle Coast Campus of the University of Tasmania in Burnie. The event, which was followed by an open forum to discuss climate change, related health problems and taking action…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Action Opinion & Commentary | 15 November 2013 - Rohan Church - DEA Tasmania Representative
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