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  • Fundraising appeal 2016: we need help to grow DEA!

    What an exceptional year! Thank you! Our initiatives, activities, submissions, media exposure and influence amongst government circles has continued to grow throughout 2016, and we could not have done it without our members and supporters. This valuable support has enabled DEA to: - Participate in high…

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  • Online Opinion: Australian climate change policy isn’t working

      By Peter Schrader   With summer here, the brown, crunchy, lifeless patches on my lawn in Perth remind me that much of Australia is getting hotter and drier. Working in public health, it also reminds me of a call to action – not just for me, but for all of us. Not for more wetting agent…

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  • Media release: Time to clean up our air

      19 January 2017   The community is paying the cost of polluted air through health problems such as heart disease, lung disease and asthma – largely caused by coal mining and coal-fired power generation. Doctors have made a submission on the NSW Clean Air Plan to urge action to improve…

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  • A New Year Message to DEA students and doctors- believe in the future and plant a tree

    by David Shearman   I have a New Year message for the medical students who have joined our mission and indeed a message for all members of the medical profession. Our responsibility today is not only to support our patients with skill and dedication, but to extend our care with equal diligence to…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 02 January 2017 - Rebecca Osborne
  • The West Australian: Climate change looms as fiery threat to State

    By Kingsley Faulkner and Charles Watson   It is bushfire season in WA again, and we know the wildfires are getting worse each year. The State Government is trying to ramp up awareness of the bushfire risk and more money is being put into firefighting services. This investment is desperately needed,…

    Read More | Filed in: DEA In Media | 30 December 2016 - Rebecca Osborne
  • Online Opinion: Preserving our forests should be a top priority

    By Dimity Williams and Katherine Barraclough   The magnificent old growth forests of East Gippsland are a national treasure. Yet state-endorsed logging continues in this region, undermining the rich tapestry of plants and animals that support human health.  In August of this year, citizen scientists…

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  • Australia’s increasing greenhouse emissions is freeloading on countries taking action to reduce them

      22 December 2016   Australia’s increase in greenhouse emissions is freeloading on other countries which are taking action to reduce them. Doctors for the Environment Australia indicates that the government’s position is based increasingly upon devious assumptions such as reduced…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 22 December 2016 - David Shearman
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