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  • Report: No Time for Games: Children’s Health and Climate Change

        DEA's report No Time for Games: Children’s Health and Climate Change shines the national spotlight on the potential health harms that children especially face from global warming, and calls for swift and decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. …

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  • Newcastle Herald Opinion: Planning for better air quality

    By Dr Ben Ewald THE evidence for harmful health effects from particulate air pollution has become stronger over the years, so periodic review of air quality regulations in keeping with current science is vital for the protection of human health. Compared to 20 years ago, our current understanding of…

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  • Canberra Times Opinion: Invisible killer – need for better air quality standards is urgent

    By Dr David Shearman and Dr Helen Redmond Image: Beyond Coal and Gas   In Australia there are 3000 deaths each year from air pollution, which is more than from traffic accidents. Imagine the nightly TV news – instead of the twisted car metal and bodies, they show a child fighting for…

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  • Media Release: Doctors warn against approving the T4 coal loader proposal

      13 July 2015   The extra particulates from the proposed fourth coal loader in Newcastle will worsen air pollution and cause illness if the project is approved, warned health experts at today’s NSW Planning and Assessment Commission determination hearing.   Doctors for the Environment…

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  • Medical Observer oped: Doctors should lead on population

    By Dr David King THE Reverend Thomas Malthus argued in 1798 that population growth was generally restricted by available resources. At this time one billion people lived on Earth. Since then mechanised agriculture has produced dramatic growth in crop yields, and the world population exceeded seven billion…

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  • Oped: The Lancet Commission Report by Professor Fiona Stanley and Dr Sallie Forrest

    The opinion piece was published in the West Australian on 25 June 2015.    Carbon reduction key to our health and survival, was co-authored by Professor Fiona Stanley and Doctors for the Environment Australia's Policy and Advocay officer, Dr Sallie Forrest. It was written…

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  • DEA welcomes Lancet report which says climate change is the biggest health opportunity of the 21st c

      Media release   23 June 2015   The government needs to immediately address the issue of climate change to protect health, urge leading doctors in their strongest message yet. The call follows a ground-breaking report launched today by the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet which…

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