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  • Renew Economy Oped: No social licence, no gas fracking in South Australia

    Food not Fracking, Penola, South Australia (Royston Rascals, Flickr)   By David Shearman & Melissa Haswell   In a state with a history of enlightened decisions, The Final report of the South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into unconventional gas (fracking) in the South East of South Australia…

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  • SMH oped: We need to do more to understand the impact of climate change on our health

    After the tragic deaths of eight people related to the recent outbreak of thunderstorm asthma in Melbourne, we need to consider the "perfect storm" of climate change. These deaths were the tip of an iceberg of acute illness leading to a surge in ambulance calls and emergency presentations…

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  • Media release: Government must phase out coal-fired power stations within the next decade

        28 November 2016     Doctors: Government must phase out coal-fired power stations within the next decade   Doctors have welcomed the interim report of the Senate inquiry into the retirement of coal-fired power stations which was tabled on Monday, however they say it doesn’t…

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  • The Conversation: Why coal-fired power stations need to shut on health grounds

    By David Shearman   The Senate inquiry’s report into the planned closure of coal-fired power stations will no doubt shed light on the compelling health reasons to close them. Coal-fired stations are a health hazard to their local communities and beyond due to the pollutants they emit. The…

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  • Open Forum: Nature as medicine

    By Beau Frigault   Anyone who studies medicine or has a career in medicine knows that if you allow it, it can consume your life. It sounds dramatic, but considering that medicine is an ever expanding and evolving field and that there is never a shortage of people who need your services, your life…

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  • Huffington Post: In The Mountains Of Timor-Leste, A Small Success On Climate Change from WithOneSeed

    DEA member Ralph Lewis has drawn our attention to the program With One Seed, involving reforestation, carbon capture as well as providing income for local landholders in Timor.   In The Mountains Of Timor-Leste, A Small Success On Climate Change  Authors: Jose Ramos-Horta,…

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  • Effects of plastics in the environment

    An overview of concerns by DEA member A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos The impact of chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides in the environment on human health is well recognised.1 What is not well recognised is the impact of plastics in the environment on human health. In April 2016, the Federal Government,…

    Read More | Filed in: Opinion & Commentary | 22 November 2016 - By A/Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM, MBBS, FRACGP, FACNEM
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