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Your support will help to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of a healthy environment to human well being;
  • Work towards reducing environmental hazards to health, such as the use of fossil fuels and climate change;
  • Influence public policy;
  • Educate and assist the medical profession to become advocates for a stable climate.


Membership is open only to medical doctors and students. There is a membership fee and an additional tax deductible donation to the DEA fund (please contact us if you wish to withhold the additional donation).

However, if you're not a medical professional and would like to support our work, thank you for your interest and please see below.

Medical doctors and students can choose from one of the following categories:

General Membership
Please select from any one of these three payment options, depending on the level of financial contribution you wish to make: 
Karri:       $500 pa
Jarrah:     $300 pa
Banksia: $150 pa
(NB: Comprises a $50 non-tax deductible component, remainder tax deductibe)

Doctor in Training/reduced income
$75 pa
(NB: Comprises a $25.00 non-tax deductible component, remainder tax deductible)

$10 pa
(NB: non tax deductible)


As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, DEA is reliant on the generosity of all our supporters whether medical or otherwise. 

We welcome one-off or regular contributions.

You can donate here

Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible

(Please note that refunds are not available except in cases of error or double payments.)

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