DEA - Doctors for the environment

Why DEA?

DEA is an independent health advocacy organisation of doctors and medical students. We view health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. We support sustainable healthcare, which considers the health of future generations as well as present ones.

We work to highlight the absolute dependence of our wellbeing on healthy natural ecosystems - our ‘life support systems’. This means we raise awareness of the important health benefits of clean air and water, biodiverse natural places and a sustainable health system.

We also raise the alarm and act when our health is harmed by environmental problems like climate change, air pollution, fossil fuel developments and deforestation.

We do this by engaging with our peers, politicians and the general public.

We are completely independent of political parties and corporate donors, which allows us to maintain our integrity, but which means we depend on people like you to support us.

DEA is proudly supported by a highly respected Scientific Committee  and governed by a National Management Committee with input from each State and Territory.

If you want to know more about our guiding principles, follow this link to our Mission Statement.

To get an idea of the enormous variety and depth of our work take the time to read our most recent Annual Report.

We welcome and encourage you to join DEA as we strive to protect our environment for a healthy and prosperous future for us all.  Please join us here.


(Photo: Hopetoun Falls Panorama. Flickr user: OneEighteen under Creative Commons licence).