DEA - Doctors for the environment

What have we done?


DEA’s public health advocacy work over the last year includes:

- Being the FIRST health group in Australia to challenge an EPA in court (on public health grounds) for approving a new coal-fired power plant.

- Being the only medical organisation providing advice to the government and the public about the potential health impacts of coal seam gas and shale gas.

- Contributing to the launch and development of the Climate Commission’s Report: The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health

- Briefing members of state Victorian and SA Parliaments on the health impacts of coal. Submitting reports to - and appearing before - both Federal and State (NSW) CSG Parliamentary Enquiries.

- Actively campaigning to save the Tarkine from further mining developments.

- Promoting health through care of the environment by participating at dozens of forums and through numerous publications.

(Photo: Hopetoun Falls Panorama. Flickr user: OneEighteen under Creative Commons licence).